Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day : The UN celebrates a day every year to promote equality along with other organizations working globally. That special day is nominated as zero discrimination day that puts the light on the importance of equality before the law. Also, equality in practice is promoted on this day across the countries controlled by the UN. On the First March of every year, the UN member nations celebrate the day and act to remove discrimination among individuals.

Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day
Zero Discrimination Day

History of the Zero Discrimination Day 

The very first time, zero discrimination day was celebrated on 1st March of 2014. The launch of the day was handled by UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe on 27th February of 2014. The event took place in Beijing that used to be the capital of China. Again in February 2017, the UNAIDS organizations gathered people to stand against those who discriminate among human beings. Discrimination comes in the way of achievements and goals of an individual therefore it becomes essential for us to put a halt to these social prejudices.


Why do we celebrate Zero Discrimination Day?

On the occasion of zero discrimination day, the populace across the whole world try to grasp the diversity present among the individuals. Also, it is tried that such communities should be promoted which elevate and increase the talents as well as abilities of the individuals. It is comprehended that diversity is something that we all should value and therefore the zero discrimination day urges the populace to be tolerant about the changing society and treat everyone with an equal eye. No matter to which caste, language, race, country, or identity the person belongs, he or she should not be treated differently from everyone else.

The reason to deplete the discrimination is that it decreases the endeavors that make equality the basis of the world’s existence. The people who face discrimination bear mental torture from which it becomes hard for them to come out and present themselves as a better human being or polish their abilities and skills.

Moreover, every individual has a fundamental right to get access to basic healthcare services. But, if someone is unable to attain the same because of their different identity then it should not be promoted at all. The old beliefs and practices that take us back and fuel our minds with negative energies should be removed to end discrimination from its roots.

Sometimes, people with HIV-positive status are also seen with an evil eye but it is also a saddening practice. Therefore, we all celebrate zero discrimination day on 1st March every year so that everybody can get fair chances to accept the social changes. The whole credit of the celebrations goes to the UN and other organizations working for the welfare of the world. The day promotes equality before the law in all UN state members.

We all should embrace all humans with sympathy and compassion so that nobody dies after becoming a victim of discrimination practices.

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