Hello students/everyone , Almost every exam contains one general awareness/general knowledge section. Maximum students are afraid of this section. General knowledge/general awareness has no end, but to improve it we have to start it from a scratch   Like previous ones,  i have written some points (General Knowledge/General Awareness) which will help you a lot in cracking various exams for eg:- SSC, FCI, PO,CLERK , UPSC , IAS , STATE EXAMS AND MANY MORE. These points (general knowledge for competition) are very important as per exam point of view. For any special request feel free to contact us.

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  • Diamond Harbour and Salt Lake city are situated in Kolkata.
  • Biggest shipping canal in the world is Suez Canal.
  • Japan is the country which has the highest percentage of its geographical area under forests.
  • The mirror used by a dentist to examine the teeth of patients is Concave Mirror.
  • Wireless communication is reflected to earth’s surface by Ionosphere.
  • Sound above 80 db is considered hazardous noise pollution.
  • Infrared radiations are used in the remote control of a television.
  • The 100th Space Mission of  ISRO was launched from Sriharikota (Andra Pradesh) in september 2012.
  • The group of stars arranged in a definite pattern is called Constellation.
  • The Small Rivers that flow into a large river are known as Tributaries.
  • All the islands in deep ocean basins are Volcanic in origin.
  • The steep mounds that do not emerge above the sea level as islands are called Seamounts.
  • Height of land on map is expressed by Spot Heights.
  • An elevation roughly circular or elliptical in plain, the top of which is comparatively smooth and generally deeper than hundred fathom is known as Guyot.
  • The seismic focus of an earthquake is situated within the earth , below the epicenter.
  • The internel forces responsible for earthquakes and eruption of volcanoes are called Diastrophic forces.
  • The splitting of the Pangea took place in Carboniferous period.
  • The term ‘Isostasy‘ was coined by C.E. Dutton.
  • The convection currents in the earth are generated by Disintegration of radioactive rocks.


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