World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is celebrated on 2nd of February every year to raise awareness about the value of wetlands for the humanity and our most beautiful planet. World Wetlands Day marks the date of signing of the Convention on wetlands on 2nd February 1971 by a group of environmentalists at Ramsar Convention in Iran.

World Wetlands Day was first celebrated in the year 1997 and is celebrated since than. It is very good to say that government agencies, non-government institutions and group of citizens participate and take advantage of the opportunity of raising public awareness among people regarding wetland values and benefits.

The world is crossing thorough the major problem of climate change which is one of the most pressing problem. Climate change leads to sea level rise, coral bleaching, hydrological effects, changes in water temperature, and alterations in water availability and quality.

Wetlands plays a life saver role by providing habitat for many species, serve as buffers on the coast against storms, sea level rise and flooding. Wetlands naturally filter water by breaking down or transforming harmful pollutants. Wetlands serve as  great carbon stores. It absorbs flood water during storms.

World Wetlands Day

Everyone must take part  in events to celebrate World Wetlands Day  and raise awareness of wetlands.Stay Happy Stay Healthy. Keep Plastic away and keep your surroundings clean.

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