World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day : World Thinking Day is a special day in the lives of Scouts and Guides members. For the last 100 years, the importance of the day is the same as the past. The enthusiasm to celebrate the day has always been the same since beginning. The day has brought a plethora of new traditions that make the globe a better place to live. Scroll down to know everything about the world thinking day that you should need to know.

On 22nd February of every year, the members of scouts and guides can be seen jumping with full zeal. The reason for the whole excitement is always the celebration of the world’s thinking day. On the day, members think wisely about their brothers and sisters across the world. The thinking day gives the real meaning to the purpose of Guiding associations. With this, the scouting and guiding candidates become successful in making its impact on the whole globe.

World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day
World Thinking Day

History of World Thinking Day

Primarily, the world thinking day was celebrated in the year of 1926. The idea of this day’s celebrations was first pitched in the 4th conference of Girls Guides in the USA. After long discussion, it was decided that Guides’ Girls will celebrate the thinking day to appreciate the role of girl candidates. But, the Boy Scout Movement had also been begun till then by Lord Baden Powell. It is the reason that 1999 onwards, the day got renamed as the World Thinking Day instead of Thinking Day. Afterward, the 30th Girl Scout Conference that was held in 1999 in Belgian got signified with global impact with its renaming.


Since then, a lot of traditions are connected to the day from which one is waving the Guide World Flag and another is about climbing Mount Eden in Auckland. Also, there is a tradition to sing the World Song and show gratitude to each other. Not merely this, but a lot of other traditions also reflect the assisting nature of the Scouts and Guides members.


Theme for World Thinking Day 2021

Regardless of the theme, world thinking day always has the same purpose to join the populace of the whole world together by the right mindset. Still, the themes for WTD 2021, and other years are as follows.


The theme for WTD 2005 was “Think about Food”. In 2012, it was “We can Save our planet”.


Moreover, peace building is the theme and purpose of 2021 celebrations of the thinking day. It is the main idea of the scouts and guides’ associations. With the 2021 theme, girl members will also be encouraged to stand up, stand strong and stand together. Every member joins their hands together for the purpose of peace building.


After all, what matters the most is the thought process running in the minds of the people who seek to do something constructive for the society. Therefore, it should not be merely limited to the scouts and guides boys and girls but every person should take part in the celebrations of the day as it plays a vital role in making the world a peaceful and better place to live.

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