World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day : The name where creativity, excitement and happenings become a part of the center stage. Yes, World Theatre Day started in 1961 by International Theatre Institute ITI and celebrates on 27th March, every year. ITI centers as well as the international theater community come together to be a part of this awesome celebration where various events make part of this grand celebration.

World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day
World Theatre Day

World Theater Day is primarily celebrated as part of paying tribute to the creativity with which theater artists train, play and perform. These artists have the purest souls who take the talent and creativity to the highest platform. Spectators have been enjoying the theater for years and considering the many lively moments we get, these performances give us quite an eye catching moments with our family. After all, there is something magical about these shows. Isn’t it?

The occasion is also the platform for many budding artists to showcase their skills in front of the world community which give them far greater exposure and confidence.

The first World Theatre Day Message was composed and written by Jean Cocteau in 1962 and since then there has become a cultural norm of circulating the messages on this creative day.

ITI Centers are the main centers where all the actions happen with much gusto. Right from the initial years of its inception on 27th March, there have been wide  ways through which World Theater Day has been celebrated. Currently, there are more than 90 ITI centers which are spread across the length and breadth of the world where theater professionals’ lovers, universities, schools and academies celebrate the occasion with much fanfare and gusto.

The occasion is incomplete without the blessings of an outstanding figure who grace the occasion on this grand celebration and shares his/her input. Yes there is absolutely so much to learn from experienced professionals as they throw reflection on theatre and international harmony. Theater unites and binds spectators from different parts of the world. So much so, that the International message find 50 translations done in different languages, for the spectators to read right before the performance in theaters. Additionally, in order to ensure a large scale of marketing technique, it is printed in hundreds of daily newspapers just to ensure maximum reach.

Considering the message which reaches through print media, the requirement for audio-visual field is fulfilled by colleagues in the field who out of brotherly gesture transmit the messages across hundreds of radio as well as television stations across the listeners in various corners of the five continents.

Thus, the main essence of a theater artist gets fulfilled with print and electronic media doing justice by taking onus of spreading the message across their desired medium for maximum reach.

One can pay tribute by visiting the local theater and financially supporting them which can also be through buying tickets to watch the shows as and when they are hosted. You can also be a part of learning exercises by joining theater programs while learning music and acting too.

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