World TB Day

World TB Day : The world had faced a lot of pandemics in previous times, but the efforts of scientists and doctors led to the invention of various vaccinations as well. Though we can get medicines for almost every disease this time, yet we cannot ignore taking the precautions. To make us more precautious about a devastating disease like TB, the heads of global health organizations decided to celebrate World TB Day annually. To delve into the details of the same, you can refer following.

World TB Day

World TB Day
World TB Day

Background of World TB Day

In the year 1882, Dr. Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Typically, it was the bacillus responsible for causing tuberculosis disease, majorly known as TB. We commemorate the same date on World TB Day on 24th March every year. This day educate people about the adverse impacts of TB across the whole globe. Since 2000, the global efforts to put an end to TB have managed to save about 63 million lives. We need to get aware and cautious about this disease just because it can make 4000 people lose their lives every day and it make 28000 people fall ill every day.  It is the main reason we celebrate the day to make people aware of its treatment and cure so that nobody loses their lives because of this disease.

World TB Day Theme 2021

World TB Day 2021 theme says, “The Clock is Ticking”. With this theme, global leaders need to rapidly act on their commitments and should do possible efforts to put an end to this disease. Though it is a preventable disease yet low and lower-middle-class nations are experiencing TB at a very high level. Therefore, we all should act on this alarming stage before it becomes a pandemic as COVID-19.


Celebration ideas for World TB Day

To make the required changes in the world, we need to do the following efforts that can be highly assistive in making people aware of TB and save them from the same.

  • The very prominent step that one can take to light up the TB-related campaigns is to write letters or applications to the local representatives of their area. With this, one can request mayors or councils to lend a hand to them in making campaigns successful.
  • Another effort can be made by being vocal on social media platforms as that is the largest platform for raising voice in this digital area. Use appropriate hashtags to let everyone hear your voice.
  • Writing an article or blog is another way to make people aware of it. Above that, you can reach out to media influencers who can make a great impression on the populace about it.
  • Even the global leaders do not sometimes invest in tackling TB as per their promises. Thus, the common people should remind them of their responsibilities so that proper treatment and care facilities can reach everyone across the world.
  • Moreover, you should get in touch with your contacts or other personalities, and journalists who can share their voice regarding World TB Day with others.
  • Join forces or TB partners who can help you plan public events on World TB day including various innovative activities. For this, you can contact TB stakeholders at a local level or national level who can make your work a reality.

All-in-all, we all should make bonds to run useful campaigns that can help many people in saving their lives. The clock for TB is ticking rapidly therefore, we all need to buckle up and make the necessary efforts to be precautious against it.

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