World Stray Animals Day

World Stray Animals Day :  April 4 celebrates the World Stray Animals Day as a way to showcase concern for 600 million stray animals in the world. The day is a remembrance to the extreme torture and pain which stray animals go into, at the hands of hostile and violent people.

There is no word to the sight of dogs with broken bones limping for the rest of their lives. Similarly, deep cuts on their bodies create such a sorry state as it shows how we as humans have become inhumane. April 4 is a part of the sensitization process to showcase love for these stray animals on roads. They need our care, time and love.

World Stray Animals Day

World Stray Animals Day
World Stray Animals Day


Following are the ways through which we can play our part towards creating a pleasant difference in their lives


Provide them food and water

Stray animals are highly malnourished mainly due to the paucity of food. Yes, they are ill fed. What you can easily do is remember them at the time when you have leftovers and you are going to throw it. Do you know that it can be delicious fodder for stray animals?  Yes, indeed. During the inclement weather conditions, you can spread woolen clothes on floors for them to rest and pass the chilly nights. Similarly, in summer, you should have a bowl of water ready outside your house for these thirsty souls.


Know if they are pregnant

Have you ever violently shooed away stray animals on the road? Well, if yes, then you should develop the idea and knowledge about the fact that they may be pregnant. Your little insensitivity will not just take a toll on their lives, but those little ones who are inside the tummy. Don’t hurt them in any manner, instead have food and water which they badly need during such an important phase. Additionally, do take utmost care where kittens and puppies are safely being nurtured as they are more prone to inclement weather conditions and badly need due care and affection.


Take closer look for injuries

Your timely medical assistance can yield positive results to the injured cat or dog. Similar to the most natural and obvious manner where you would automatically help a human in need of first aid, you can call the vet or call animal care instantly. In the event if the injured animal is becoming aggressive and violent due to accompanying pain, then it is better to call an expert animal rescuer who would handle the situation professionally.


Ensure a caring home for them

 Don’t you think that stray animals deserve a caring home? Well, right at the time when you see stray animals do your duty of calling up animal shelters or rescuers so that they can make arrangements of picking them up and treating them accordingly. This will enhance their chances of adoption, once the vet considers them as fit and healthy. After all, April 4 is the day which sensitizes you towards becoming a more welcoming and caring person to these four legged animals who actually need your unconditional love and support whether it is outside your office, home, public places or simply just anywhere else.

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