World Sparrow Day

World Sparrow Day : A long while ago, people used to wake up by the chirping sounds when every tree branches used to get loaded with cute and sweet house sparrows. These brown and winged creatures are nowadays almost extinct from our planet due to an increase in the levels of noise pollution as well as air pollution. Therefore, their preservation is quite an essential task due to which we celebrate world sparrow day every year on 20th March. To know more about sparrows and world sparrow day, you can refer to the below-written article guide.

World Sparrow Day

World Sparrow Day
World Sparrow Day

History of world sparrow day

Nature Forever Society of India took the initiative to celebrate world sparrow day after collaborating with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation of France. As far as the initiation of the society is concerned, it was done by a sincere and dedicated environment conservationist Mohammad Dilawar. The person was named after one amongst the “Heroes of the Environment” in the year 2008.   The day was recognised to encourage nature enthusiasts who love birds and take care of every bird during the summer season. The birds need shade and water the way humans need it. It is the reason society felt the need to celebrate world sparrow day so that young generations also understand the value of birds.

Ways to celebrate world sparrow day

Generally, sparrows love to sit and play in the backyards or the countryside or else in the green patches of the urban areas. But, the past two decades have been depressing for the count of sparrows in every Indian city. It is not a general observation but the states that the population of sparrows have been decreasing continuously. Therefore, the new generation of children needs to be encouraged to save the population of sparrows in the following ways.

To develop bird-friendly habits: Keeping a bowl of water on the balcony with the spreading of a little number of grains can be the best beginning. With this, one can effortlessly welcome sparrows who can feed themselves with water and grains.

To walk with kids for a sparrow walk: On world sparrow day, one can go for a sparrow walk around the local areas when dawn comes. Taking binoculars and cameras with you can be a perk. It can make you witness the serene environment brimmed with sparrows all around.

To make posters of sparrows: Making posters and drawing paintings on sparrows is also a good option to pursue on an occasion like world sparrow day. One can also include other birds for posters. It will aware people of the importance of birds.

Facts about world sparrow day

  • World Sparrow day is celebrated for sparrows named house sparrow.
  • The scientific name of the sparrow is Passer Domesticus.
  • The height of the sparrows is 16 centimetre.
  • The wingspan dimensions of sparrows are 21 centimetres.
  • Generally, the weight of a sparrow is somewhere between 25 to 40 grams.

All-in-all, we need to understand the value of birds for which days like world sparrow day become a medium of instruction for the common populace. Thus, we need to make the celebrations for world sparrow day with full enthusiasm.

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