World Soil Day History and Background

World Soil Day History and Background :

Various initiatives are taken by different authorities to form people conscious of the environment and its elements. One such initiative was from the United Nations General Assembly by escalating December 5th as World Soil Day.

The main purpose was to boost awareness of and worldwide importance of soils for food security, agriculture also as in mitigation of global climate change , poverty alleviation, and sustainable development.

World Soil Day History and Background
World Soil Day History and Background

World soil day history

The date 5th December parallels to the birthday of the good HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand on which first of world soil day took place. He was the most proponent of this initiative.

So in 2002, the International Union of Soil Sciences recommended celebrating World Soil Day per annum on 5 December. Moreover, the support of FAO also played an enormous role within the formal establishment of World Soil Day as a worldwide awareness-raising platform under the leadership of the dominion of Thailand. The official adoption of the day was held at the 68th UN General Assembly on request of FAO conference.

Hence, per annum today is widely known as World Soil Day to boost awareness among people in order that soil are often saved properly as a measure to save lots of the environment.

World soil day background

In the year 2013, the FAO conference was held where the endorsement of world soil day happened first. At the 68th UN General Assembly, the request was raised to adopt the day officially. As a results of an equivalent , the UN General Assembly decided within the support of the suggested request. thanks to that, 5th December was decided because the first official world soil day.

Furthermore, the UN report revealed that the most reason behind the selection of 5th December because the world soil day was something distinct. Then the revelation led that the official birthday of H.M King Bhumibol Adulyadej falls on 5th of December who was the king of Thailand. His birthday was the rationale behind the most sanctioning of the event. After two years of that, the entire globe began celebrating the day in commemoration and respect of that beloved monarch who gave up the ghost in October 2016. The king typically ruled Thailand for seven long years because the head of the state. Since 5th December 2013, we are celebrating the day across the entire globe.

World Soil Day 2019: Theme

The theme of World Soil Day is

“Stop erosion , Save our Future”.

The theme emphases on the challenges striking in soil management and heights the profile of hale and hearty soil by encouraging organizations, governments, communities, and individuals round the world to figure towards improving soil health and its conservation.

Here is the list of techniques that can assist in soil conservation.

  1. Contour Ploughing
  2. Terrace farming
  3. Windbreaks
  4. Crop Rotation
  5. Agrostological Measures
  6. No-till farming
  7. Green Manures
  8. Salinity Management

We all celebrate the planet soil day to boost the notice of soil management among the entire populace across every corner of the world.

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