World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day : An annual event, world sleep day rejoices the prominence of sleep and encourages people to tackle the sleep relates issues that we generally ignore. World Sleep Day is celebrated on 19th March every year. Being a disciplined person, people try to get a balanced diet, and healthy lifestyle but sometimes they forget to pay attention to their sleeping schedule.It will not only make people healthy but also help them in curing a lot of diseases that occur due to sleeping disorders. The facts and themes of world sleep day are written below.

World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day
World Sleep Day

Background of world sleep day

World Sleep Society host the global event of World Sleep day every year since 2008. The main objective of the day is to prevent the sleeping disorders existing in a lot of people. It encourages people to manage their sleeping habits and lessen the emotional burden on the minds of people. The celebrations of this day take on the previous Friday that come before Spring Vernal Equinox annually. Though the dates keep fluctuating for the celebrations the day is always Friday. Celebrities and media across the world recognise the day and it is being celebrated in more than 88 countries. On the day, hashtag #WorldSleepDay trends on Twitter since 2018. In general, it is an international collaboration, leadership and scientific research that aware people about sleep health. Everyone must join this to learn the best about sleeping patterns and discipline.

Themes for World Sleep Day

Here are the themes of world sleep day from the last few years that one must check out.

From 2016: “Good sleep is a reachable dream

From 2017: “Sleep Soundly and Nurture Life

From 2018: “Join the sleep world and preserve your rhythms to enjoy life

From 2019: “Healthy Sleep and Healthy Ageing

From 2020: “Better sleep, better life and better planet”

From 2021: “Regular Sleep and Healthy Future”

Interesting facts about sleep:

 Sleep is an essential part of our lives as it is an activity that keeps our lifestyle healthy and sounds therefore we need to learn about the following facts about sleep.

  • We all should take sufficient sleep to stay alert during the day.
  • Another thing we should keep in mind to keep the sleep continuously without fragmentation.
  • We should have deep sleep for being restorative.
  • It plays a vital role in emotional processing.
  • Good sleeping habits also contribute to making your physical activities better than ever.
  • It improves the quality of life in adverse conditions like an epidemic too when almost the whole world population get threatened.
  • Most of the sleeping disorders are treatable even then one-third of such sufferers still seek help from professionals due to lack of knowledge and guidance towards the same.

If you get adequate sleep and make sleeping patterns right then sleep is the best preventive measure for any kind of disease. Let’s pledge this world sleep day to never ignore the importance of sleep and consider it an essential activity in our lives that is impossible to ignore. With this, we can welcome a new healthy world.

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