World Scout Day

World Scout Day : Scouts’ Day and Guides’ Day comprise the special days celebrated by the Scouting Movement members across the whole year. Every such day has a special significance in the lives of Scouts and Guides candidates. As far as World Scout Day is considered, it is a day when the Scouting members take a pledge to fulfill the promises laid by the scouting movement. For more information regarding World Scout Day, you can check the following guide that unveils the reality.

World Scout Day

World Scout Day
World Scout Day

Background of World Scouts Day

On 22nd February of every year, we celebrate world scout day to commemorate the birth anniversary of Robert Baden-Powell. Typically, Baron Baden-Powell was the founder of scouting who was born in 1857. Luckily, the wife of the founder also has the same date of birth in 1889 due to which we celebrate 22nd February as the birthday of both Mr. and Mrs. Baden-Powell. In Kenya, there is a pilgrimage site built on the grave of Baden Powell. It is not merely a site to visit or sightseeing but a place where members of the Kenya Scouts Association, as well as the Kenya Girl Guides Association, celebrate scouting. But a lot of other existing associations celebrate Founders Day on different dates too.

Ways to Celebrate the World Scouts Day

Regardless of the specification, every day has a particular recognition that makes the celebrations different and unique. Here are how you can make World Scouts Day a memorable event in your life.

  • Being a member of scouts and guides, you can post your photos and videos in the scarves reflecting the identity of the same.
  • If you are a trainer or guide of candidates, then you can conduct an event where you give chance to every individual to showcase their talent among all.
  • The obvious and essential part of the celebrations should be the oath-taking ceremony that you should enjoy the most.
  • Also, you can tell the purpose of the Scouts and Guides association to the candidates and also can ask them to prepare a speech on the same to broadcast the information.
  • Not merely this, but you can conduct a free health camp to serve the needy people who are struggling hard to get basic healthcare facilities.
  • A gardening campaign can also serve the purpose of its founders who aspired to make society a better place to live.
  • Above all, the distribution of books, notebooks, and stationery can also lend a hand in the fulfillment of the real purpose of scouts and guides foundation.

The founders of the Scouts and Guides always wanted to make the whole populace independent and better human beings than ever. Therefore, we should keep this in mind before celebrating the day and planning for the events to be conducted.

All-in-all, World Scouts Day is the Founders’ Day in scouts’ lives.  The members of the scouts and guides association celebrate the day with full zeal. They make a lot of amusement and enjoy their membership in these associations by conducting different events.

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