World Rotaract Day

World Rotaract Day : Initially began as Rotary International Youth Program, Rotaract organization works for the welfare of the global community that aims to bring peace among the world. There are about 9539 clubs of Rotary international across the world that keeps teaching the people to maintain understanding among themselves. Keeping the objective of Rotaract in mind, the organization members celebrate the 13th March of every year as International Rotaract Day.

World Rotaract Day

World Rotaract Day
World Rotaract Day

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Facts about World Rotaract Day:

  • The foundation of World Rotaract Day was laid on 13th March of the year 1968.
  • Initially, Rotaract was popular with the name Rotary International Program of Youth in 1968 that used to be located in Charlotte North Carolina in the USA under the ownership of Charlotte North Rotary Club.
  • As per the recent records of the Rotaract club, there are about 9539 clubs across the world with 219397 people as its members.
  • It is an organization made for community services especially for young men and women whose age lies between 18 to 30 years old.

Why do celebrations of Rotaract Day occur?

Every year, the United Nations celebrate a plethora of days internationally to commemorate the significant welfare causes. There are lot-specific days, decades, weeks on such dates we recognize the efforts of socially active people who contribute to making others’ lives better. With the same intent, the UN celebrates Rotaract Day to put a light on the development of young leaders and their efforts to make the communities a better place to live.

The Rotary Clubs across the world become a part of international service projects in which they target bringing peace and global understanding among the nations by various actions that spread awareness. Generally, one or more than one Member State proposes observances that are resolved by the General Assembly’s resolution establishments. Not merely the UN, but various other international agencies like UNESCO, UNICEF, FAO, etc. do the possible efforts on such special days including World Rotaract Day.

The celebrations of this particular day occur to celebrate the international actions taken by the Rotary clubs. Even the world Rotaract itself defines its cause as it enfolds the two parts mainly Rotary and Interacts where it defines International actions that are mandatory to be taken for the welfare of the global populace. In the beginning, it was merely a high school level program for which the credit of creation goes to the Rotary International that created Rotaract in 1962.

How do we celebrate World Rotaract Day?

The Rotaract Day celebrations are done through the various activities that take place at the club level and some of those are as following.

  • The Rotaract clubs’ authorities arrange formal meetings where special outings, speeches, and discussions become the center of attraction.
  • To endow the young men and women with better opportunities, the clubs organize workshops and programs based on knowledge and skill polishing.
  • People aging between 18 to 30 years are encouraged to be a part of the Rotaract family to assist others.

Intending to make the youth empowered and peaceful, we celebrate the efforts of Rotaract club members by World Rotaract Day celebrations and will continue to do so.

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