World Refugee Day History and Themes

World Refugee Day History and Themes

World Refugee Day History

On 20th June of every year, the whole world gathers with their own communities to spread awareness about the conditions and struggles that refugees have to face. With the celebrations of this day, we join hands together to show our benevolence and compassion with the refugees.

Prior to the celebrations, everyone needs to get the answers of a few questions including, “Who are Refugees?”, “Why do we celebrate World Refugee Day?”, “What is the history behind it?” and many more. If you are also juggling to know any relatable facts then you can scroll down for beneficial information regarding the same.

Meaning: Refugees

“Refugees” are those people have to leave their homes due to war incidents or other violent activities. Sometimes, they have to leave their homes due to religious wars or tribal issues and other times terrorism also become the main reason behind their movement. Over and all, refugees are those minority communities who leave their homes because of hatred and fear they get from their original places.

Origin: World Refugee Day

The World Refugee day was originated with the declaration of UN General Assembly on 4th December of the year 2000. It was basically declared in the resolution 55/76, therefore people begin celebrating it from the following year to 2000. On 2001, World Refugee Day was celebrated for the first time. Though it was being celebrated the first time, yet it was remembered as the commemoration of 1951 Conventional Refugee Status as its 50th anniversary. Since that day, people of different countries celebrate it on different dates with the same compassion and love for refugees.

World Refugee Day History and Themes
World Refugee Day History and Themes

World Refugee Day Themes

When it comes to themes, we always try to induce something special and unique from the past years to bring enthusiasm in the hearts of people. In the same context, World Refugee Day is also celebrated under the influencing taglines and some of those are as follows.

Theme 2019: “Step With Refugees- Take A Step On World Refugee Day.”

Theme 2018: “Now More Than Ever, We Need To Stand With Refugees.”

Theme 2017: “Embracing Refugees To Celebrate Our Common Humanity.”

Theme 2016: “We Stand Together With Refugees”

Theme 2015: “With Courage Let Us All Combine”.

In short, World Refugee Day is all about taking a step together with everyone no matter which community or locality they belong to. Being united is the only purpose behind the celebrations of this day. Thus, we all should keep celebrating this forever for a noble cause.

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