World Red Cross Day & Red Crescent Day

World Red Cross Day & Red Crescent Day : The World Red Cross Day and Red Crescent Day marks the day of bravery by hundreds and thousands of volunteers around the globe on May 8.  There isn’t a greater noble act than the service of mankind and the service which not only ‘saves lives’ but also ‘change lives’. The selfless operation of the volunteers has become the continuous reflection to the renewed commitment where they have vowed to save humanity. Since, they save others from turmoil, chaos and mayhem.

World Red Cross Day & Red Cresent Day

World Red Cross Day & Red Cresent Day
World Red Cross Day & Red Cresent Day

The team has massive reach

The volunteers of Red Cross or Red Crescent have massive reach to every corner of the world. The living proof can be provided through a data where for every 65 people needing assistance, there is one volunteer belonging to Red Cross who comes to their rescue.  When the humanity is put forth diligently, then other things takes a backseat and that also includes overpowering the fear associated when the lives are at risk, with the sole aim of providing timely aid.

Based on the nature of problems or issues arising due to disaster or conflict situations, the volunteers are capable to reach even the remotest of areas with gusto.

About World Red Cross team

The World Red Cross team is an ever increasing family which has 11.7 million active volunteers along with 450,000 staff.  There is hardly any place on earth which isn’t accessible by Red Cross, as it is working with 190 countries. Based on the diversity of needs, even the volunteers are associated with different parts of the world as they are trained towards knowing the needs of people. They are directly providing assistance to 160 million people.


Red Cross and Red Crescent teams is in extremely alert position who knows the value of reaching quickly when needed in emergencies especially during earthquakes, epidemics, conflicts or migration crisis. Likewise, based on the experience, which the team has gained over the years, it also assists towards empowering the neighborhood for future disasters. Children are regarded to be the future and the team ensures that they receive the vaccines on times so as to create a healthy future for them.

The team has operative and running network in different countries of the world which also includes few of the dangerous areas in terms of where conflicts often arises or are prone to natural disasters

There are various places which are prone to earthquakes where the lives of affected inhabitants literally changes as their houses crumble like pack of cards. Yes, they have nowhere to go while putting a stiff fight with the challenges of the daily life. They somehow manage to create small shelters from plastic and other materials just to salvage their lives from inclement weather.

Red Cross has in-depth experience by providing timely humanitarian service to communities who have become vulnerable due to aforesaid mentioned issues. Hence, this is where on the World Red Cross Day and Red Crescent Day, the team celebrates the extent of services they have imparted where they have better known the strengths all through the journey. Yes, they have broadened their base through imparting services in the widest possible areas.

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