World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day : World Press Freedom Day is the day which is observed on May 3rd with the aim of making aware about the immense role with press plays and also the freedom of speech which it is entitled with. It is an annual event which also throws lights on the challenges faced by journalists where they are forced to go to jail or face death due to the continuous commitment of unearthing truth for rest of the world to see.

World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day
World Press Freedom Day


The day has been hosted by UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The occasion is part of creating a reminder where the press should be respected due to their nature of work as freedom of press is the most obvious necessity in today’s era. The day was first observed in the year 1993 by the UN General Assembly based on the recommendation it has got of UNESCO’s General Conference in 1991.


The day also marks as a tribute to honor the journalists who have lost their lives as they are the martyrs who continue to inspire generations for sticking with the truth and never to bargain when it comes to national integrity.

The importance of Freedom of press gains momentum due to the press related violations which have become quite prominent in several countries of the world. Yes, the news of censorship and harassment of journalists is not new where worst of all, that as they are forced to quit, failure to which they are arrested or even murdered. These are certainly the practices which can bring tears to the eyes and put humanity to shame. Therefore, based on the increasing level of atrocities which are committed on press, the day marks the beginning of a reminder to the government to respect them.


How to observe World Press Day

The day is observed with an increasing sensitization about the need to be aware about the things which are happening against the press. It equally becomes the duty of the masses to raise their voice against the malpractice, as it is still going unabated in several parts of the world. Therefore, World press Day is a day where proper lending of support to the media is done and to give a reminder about the targets which press has often been in the past.


The day marks as paying tribute to the media professionals who are no more, but when they were alive they always favored truth and has never bargained for anything else, but the truth. They equally never comprised about their ethics too. So, the day remains a time for paying tribute to them where various events take place in the form of exhibitions, where speakers grace the occasion by making others aware about the significance of this day etc.

The day also embarks on a journey of finding solutions where various renowned dignitaries in the form of civil society representatives, national authorities, journalists etc come together on a platform to discuss various issues and challenges which are acting as an impediment to freedom of press. Likewise, there is a need to find possible solutions too.

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