World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day : Poetry is always considered the language of hearts that connect people with the use of words. Whether it is a traditional occasion or a modern art representation program, nothing can beat the importance of poetry. To promote poem recitation, poetry training and reading as well as to honour the famous poets worldwide, we celebrate world poetry day on 21st March annually. If you want to know how to celebrate the day or why do we celebrate it, then you need to scroll down.

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day
World Poetry Day

History of world poetry day

The 30th General Conference that held in Paris in the year 1999 began the world poetry day. Typically, the participants of the conference wanted to promote linguistic diversity for which they recognised poetry as the best medium. The main reason was to uplift the endangered poetry and make people learn and experience words and emotions that can be felt the best by poetry. In general, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation host World poetry day programs. It promotes the latest developments coming in cultural practices by communication, passion and efforts. A plethora of schools, colleges, libraries and other organisations celebrate the day across every corner of the world. In the programs related to the day, people get verbal about their favourite poets and practice how we can read or write different kinds of poetry. Since 1999, we are celebrating this day to recognise the efforts of poets towards preservations of our literature.

Ways to celebrate World Poetry Day

Want to know how you can celebrate world poetry day? In the affirmative, you can get assistance from the following tips.

  • Read the poetry of famous poets like John Keats, William Wordsworth and many more while sitting in your study room or at the stage of any school, college or poetry day events.
  • Binge watch the poetry reading sessions on online platforms like YouTube where you can witness a plethora of next-level poets.
  • Recite poems for your kids that are funny or comical so that your kids can enjoy the session meanwhile understanding the importance of poems in any literature.
  • Buy some poetry books from a poetry day book sale event to make your child laugh or your partner feel emotions. Also, you can gather a good collection of peaceful poems for your “me-time” moments.
  • Challenge your skills by writing poetry and make yourself feel amazing. If you are a beginner then you must begin writing a poem as poems can become the best secret keeper or your best friend maybe.
  • Know about your favourite poets and share their poems on your social media handles so that others also get to know about their work.

Significance of world poetry day

The day commemorates the most prominent treasured form of art that express cultures and languages in their ethnic ways. Poetry is not something invented in modern times however it is a part and parcel of our cultural history that had been taking place on every continent. Our shared values and human emotions are conveyed with poetry in the best way possible.

In short, world poetry day celebrates the power of words and increase the importance of poems in our lives that we all should celebrate.

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