World Peaces and Understanding Day

World Peace and Understanding Day : In the commemoration of Rotary International, we celebrate world peace and understanding day every year on 22 FEBRUARY. There is a long story behind the creation and existence of the rotary worldwide. It has been 16 years we are celebrating the day and we will keep celebrating the same with full potential. The whole story comprising the background and history of the day is written as follows.

World Peaces and Understanding Day

World Peaces and Understanding Day
World Peaces and Understanding Day


History of the world peace and understanding day

In the year of 1905, four men gathered in a downtown office building on 23rd of February in Chicago of Illinois. Typically, Attorney Paul Harris was excited about the creation of a professional group that should be representing the morals as well as amiable smiles of the small town people. For this purpose, he organised the meeting where he decided to call the group with the name rotary where Harris, Silverstor Schiele, Gustavus Loehr and Hiram Shorey also showed their will to nominate the club. The reason behind the name was that the locations of the group will keep changing as in rotating.


Officially, the name was adopted in 1922 as they got appreciation from their fellow professionals for their humanitarian values. After a century from that, world peace and understanding day marked the foundation of one of the largest world organizations related to philanthropy.


The first Rotary Club got expansion from its grassroots with a rapid speed in Chicago. However, the foundation process did not end here but it got formed in Canada in 1910. By the year 1922, people could witness the club flourishing in six continents of the world. Within a few more years, it got the tag of international too. In 1932, sir Rotarian HJ Taylor and a businessman of Chicago conceived a test in 4 ways that comprises its 4 principles. In 1934, the 4 way test underwent adoption procedures as a guiding writ by the agency Rotary International. Within a few years, the organisation expanded to 1.2 million members. If we discuss the present day condition of the Rotary Club then there might not be any country where Rotary club is not present.


The fulfilment of the mission is not merely limited to the past however we can count on its growth now as well. The 20th century world leaders will not ignore the real cause but will keep supporting it and working on it. This global movement to spread peace, tolerance and social service will keep on flourishing till the date humanitarian values of the people exist.


The union of initial four members founded the organization to do something more than self service. Even in the present date, people understand the importance of social service that can change the lives of various miserable people. It is the reason that we still celebrate the world peace and understanding day no matter how many years have passed. It should not be limited to the celebrations of the day, however it becomes our moral responsibility to lend the possible help to those who are in need and striving hard to live a peaceful life. Whether by financial, moral or emotional support, we should keep supporting our neighbors, friends, relatives and other needy people so that nobody gets deprived of the basic necessities.

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