World Oceans Day themes activities

World Oceans Day themes activities

To engage a lot of people, it is quite essential to keep changing and bringing the required changes as needed by the modern world. The same rule implies to the themes which are needed to change to keep people enthusiastic. Scroll down to know the activities you can perform to celebrate the very special World Oceans Day.


  • Arrange several different aquariums as an exhibition with which you can surely engage several students. The best part about this is that students will get a lot of help to know sea life through this idea.
  • If you are an adult and want to celebrate World Oceans Day with your partner, then nothing can be better than making the sand homes and dancing in the waves of sea or ocean.
  • Then comes the turn of college students, who belong to the most enthusiastic age group. For those, beach parties can be the most indispensable option.
  • With your family, you can join any community or parties organizing water conservation activities. It can be either any fun activity or story and poetry sessions with oceans as the theme.
World Oceans Day themes and activities
World Oceans Day themes and activities


World Oceans Day Theme 2019: Gender and Oceans

World Oceans Day Theme 2018: Prevention of plastic pollution and encouraging students for a healthy ocean.

World Oceans Day Theme 2017: Our Oceans, Our Future

World Oceans Day Theme 2016: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet

World Oceans Day Theme 2015: Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet

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