World Oceans day History

World Oceans day History

With the prominent importance in our lives, water needs our attention as well. Having the same context in mind, World Oceans Day came into introduction in the year of 1992. The prime motive for this celebration has always been the awareness about the constructive upshots of the sea, such as we get water, medicines, food, oxygen, and life from waters.

After a while, UN, i.e., the United Nations had begun to celebrate 8th June as the World Oceans Day every year. In actual, the UN thinks that we are almost nothing without seas as these are the major source of oxygen for the lives of human beings.

Calendar: 8th June, UN observance not a holiday.

Until 2009, this World Oceans Day was known as World Ocean Day, but when resolution got approval by the UN in the last few months of 2008, the day was started to get recognition as the World Oceans Day.

World Oceans day History
World Oceans day History

As we all know water is the essential thing in everyone’s lives, therefore, it is quite essential for people to celebrate the day with full enthusiasm so that awareness can be spread to every corner of the globe.

Though the day never loses its importance, the theme of the celebrations keep on changing with the days. When it comes to your duty, then you must take care of at least as much as you can by the preservation of water resources.

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