World oceans Day essay

World Oceans Day essay

On every 8th June, World Oceans Day is celebrated across every corner of the globe. The conservation of water and its resources is one of our most prominent duties from which we cannot run. It is the responsibility of the whole globe save both the oceans and the sea creatures which survive in water only. These are the main reasons due to which this day is celebrated.

Our school conduct Ocean based exhibitions on this day in which we usually witness a lot of variety of fishes through the aquariums. Not only this but, sometimes, our school takes us to the water parks where we enjoy a lot doing fun activities. Also, it gives us relief from the scorching heat of the summers too.

According to the researchers, 3/4 parts of our Earth are hemmed with the water resources. It is quite obvious that marine animals will also be in huge numbers. In contradiction to this, human beings are doing such activities with which global warming is enhancing with every passing second. After that, it becomes too hard to save the marine culture and species.

Therefore, we must save the seas and the species which are dependent on the Earth. Having the determination to save water, we celebrate World Oceans Day with full enthusiasm and try the best methods to save at least the water of our locality or society.

Over and all, we all need to save water rather than thinking that you do not have the power to correct the things on a larger scale. Thus, if you want the betterment of your life, then saving water can be the best assistance.

World oceans Day essay
World oceans Day essay

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