World No Tobacco Day

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World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day (31 May) : Though Tobacco is an agricultural crop yet it stimulates the nervous system and triggers the complex biochemical present in the body and gives rise to neurotransmitter disruptions. Typically, its leaves contain an addictive chemical that is nicotine. The worst is that the nicotine levels are generally very high in this crop and that harms human health while causing a lot of adverse effects to the consumer. As the crop is grown across the whole globe, the consumers are quite evident to be massive who intake it by smoking cigars, cigarettes, and a plethora of other ways. In such an incident, WHO takes the initiative of celebrating World No Tobacco Day to spread awareness among people.

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day
World No Tobacco Day
  • History

World no tobacco day is observed on 31st May every year, but every special day holds a history so does anti-tobacco day. So, the story unveils the time of a specific year that is 1987, when member states of the WHO decided and augmented the World No Tobacco Day. The main objective to celebrate the day was the need for the hour that demanded global attention towards the tobacco epidemic and the resultant preventable deaths.

So, the World Health Assembly on 15 May,1987 conceded a resolution by the declaration of  7 April 1988  as “the World No-Smoking Day“. They chose this date because it was the date of the 40th anniversary of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Moreover, another resolution passed when WHO decided to celebrate 31st May as World No Tobacco day every year. Since 1988, the whole planet celebrates the day with full enthusiasm where big players of all fields of government and countries ensure that they can raise voice about its bad impacts with annual campaigns.

World No Tobacco Day Themes Celebration & Activities

  • World no tobacco day themes

Coming to the theme for World no tobacco day 2020, you must know that it has not been declared yet. But, I have described the themes of earlier years down below.

  • The theme for the world no tobacco day 2019: “Tobacco and Lung Health”.

 Typically, several organizations and institutions explain people about the negative effects of Tobacco on the human lungs. Tobacco can make your body a home of cancer and various other chronic respiratory diseases.

  • The theme for the world no tobacco day 2018: “Tobacco and heart disease”.

One year, the theme aware of the people about Tobacco’s negative impact on the lungs and another year about the impact that Tobacco can put on the cardiovascular health of humans.

In short, the world no tobacco day themes grab the attention of people towards the adverse effects of Tobacco so that people can limit their consumption for the sake of their wealth.

  • How tobacco endangers people’s health worldwide?


Tobacco does not destroy the life of a single person who is a consumer but haunts their families too. In short, it is not something that you should neglect if anyone around you is smoking at least not after knowing its adverse effects which are as follows.


  1. The primitive disease that Tobacco causes to the consumer is lung cancer. You must know that 2/3rd of people die among lung cancer patients globally. If you are sharing the same roof with a smoker for 10 long years, you will most likely invite lung cancer at 50% extent that of the smoker.


  1. Chronic Obstructive pulmonary diseases are the second negative impact of smoking. In this disease, people suffer from painful cough and difficult breathing due to the formation of pus-filled mucus in the lungs. It occurs to them who begin smoking at an early age.


  1. In the third scenario, youngsters suffer from respiratory diseases by second-hand exposure to smoke. It usually occurs through the uterus to the un-borne babies. It is the reason due to which 60,000 children die before they turn 5 across the whole globe. Those who survive suffer from COPD in their adulthood for sure.


Along with these diseases, Tuberculosis and air pollution are two other major adverse effects of smoking about which most people are not aware or they ignore the facts. The smoke of Tobacco leads to indoor air pollution and give birth to a lot of cancer-causing chemicals. In short, smoking is not an act of bravery but stupidity. Therefore, you must save yourselves and your family from this curse.


  • Celebration Ideas


There is a never-ending list of ideas to do the world no tobacco day activities with which you can spread awareness among all the people who need it. Scroll down to see the list of a few ideas that can be good for the welfare of people for sure.


  • World no tobacco day drawing contest

With this contest, you can endow the students and artists with a chance to showcase their imagination perfectly. Due to that, a lot of people can get inspiration from the drawings made by artists.

  • A debate competition on tobacco impacts

A debate competition gives the right platform to all in judging right or wrong very well. It will help the audience to become aware of why they should assist people in stopping smoking acts.

  • Rally to share voice among others

Some of the people never attend the seminars and competitions but a well-prepared rally will engage them too. With this, people will listen to your voice and take the rightful action to stop Tobacco intake.

  • Mini or mega seminar on the topic

Conducting a seminar on Tobacco consumption can be beneficial to organizations that seek to put their best efforts in limiting the intake. Seminars always become the right platform for companies to discuss things by questions, answers, and discussions.

Above all, you must begin the efforts of yourself, then your family, then society and afterward the nation. With your efforts, you can save the lives of plenty of people who think that they are setting a trend by holding cigarettes in their fingers. It is the need of the hour when people must comprehend that the smoke is running already in our nerves through pollution and this smoke can hit us below the belt for sure. All you need to spread awareness among illiterate and endow them with the right suggestions.

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