World Naked Gardening Day History and Celebration

World Naked Gardening Day History and Celebration : Join the celebration of the ultimate connection with nature on the first Saturday of May! Yes, we are talking about World Naked Gardening Day. On this day, gardeners or non-gardeners worldwide embrace their natural state to enjoy gardening. Whether you are a nudist, a family, or a nature-lover, you can feel liberated and connect with nature on this fantastic day. 


World Naked Gardening Day rolls back to our earliest ancestors and is a celebration of Self-love, body positivity, and acceptance. Now, you must be wondering how this term originated. We have covered you all with why and how World Naked Gardening day is celebrated. So without any further ado, let’s learn more about this amazing day! 

World Naked Gardening Day History and Celebration

World Naked Gardening Day History and Celebration
World Naked Gardening Day History and Celebration

History Of World Naked Gardening Day

Did you know that the first World Naked Gardening Day was celebrated on September 10, 2005? Mark Storey, the founder of Body Freedom Collaborative, started the initiative to promote body positivity. He established the day to celebrate body freedom and independence. Therefore, the American Association for Nude Recreation has been promoting it since then.


Originally World Naked Gardening Day was celebrated on September 10th. However, now, it has been moved to the first Saturday of May. Thus, the date may vary each year. 


Moreover, due to differences in climate, some countries celebrate World Naked Gardening Day on different dates. For example, Canada celebrates in June and Newzealand in October. Despite the climate differences, it’s all about having fun and celebrating the human body in its natural form.

This movement aims at anyone who wants to embrace the freedom of gardening. The best part about this day is that no organization controls it. Therefore, you can enjoy this amazing day with your friends and family without restrictions! 

Why Is World Naked Gardening Day Celebrated? 

In many parts of the world, nudity is often seen as taboo and sexualized. Therefore, World Naked Gardening Day is here to challenge that notion and encourage body positivity. On this fantastic day, you can enjoy gardening while being nude. It is not only a fun activity but also promotes a healthy relationship with our bodies. In short, it reminds us of who we are and our relationship with mother nature. 


It’s up to you who you prefer to celebrate this day, either in your private or community gardens. So no matter who you participate with, it’s a day to free yourself from the constraints of clothes and enjoy your bare body with sun and soil. Moreover, gardening naked also increases Vitamin D absorption, making it a healthy and fun activity. So let’s break the taboo and embrace ourselves! 

How To Celebrate World Naked Gardening Day? 

As said above, World Naked Gardening day is all about embracing our bodies and connecting with nature. So, first of all, get yourself in your birthday suit. Imagine feeling the sun and breeze on every inch of your skin while gardening. Sounds exciting, right? Well, that’s all you will experience this World Naked Gardening Day. 


However, make sure that you protect yourself with an ample amount of sunscreen and watch out for sharp tools. Remember, this day is all about your body and nature, so let go of inhibitions and enjoy this fantastic day! We have listed some must-do things you must do to enjoy this day to its fullest.

  1. Apply Sunscreen 

Of course, we can’t forget the importance of using sunscreen! Regardless of the weather, protecting your skiing with good-quality sunscreen is a must. We recommend you use sunscreen of at least SPF 50 or over. Also, don’t forget to reapply every few hours, as your sunscreen may get wiped out while gardening. Doing so will protect your skin from sunburn and tan.

  1. Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat while gardening is a must! It not only protects your hair from tangling or getting dirty but also provides a good shade from the sun. Thus, opt for a wide-brim hat for maximum coverage throughout the day. You can also search for hats with UV protection to maximize sun safety. 

  1. Share your experience 

Since World Naked Gardening Day is such an exciting and fun celebration, you can share your event images on your social media handles. Moreover, it will encourage more people to enjoy this day and promote body positivity. You can use fun hashtags like #worldnakedgardeningday or #WNGD while posting about it on social media. Whether you share your images or not, be sure to click some pictures for yourself as a memory to lock back on in the future. 


So, get ready to celebrate World Naked Gardening Day on the first Saturday of May with open arms and an open mind! This day is about body positivity, self-love, and connecting with nature. Whether you prefer to celebrate in your garden or a community garden, the choice is yours. Protect yourself with sunscreen, wear a hat, and have fun! So, why wait? Join the celebration of World Naked Gardening Day and connect with nature like never before!

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