World Music Day History and Themes

 World Music Day History And Themes

 You may call it as International Music Day or World Music Day, but the enthusiasm to celebrate the day will always remain the same no matter which name we are using. On the 21st June of every year, the music lovers muster to embed stars on the celebrations. Though the international yoga day also falls on the same day, yet musicians leave no stone unturned to make the most of this day. Generally, more than 120 countries participate every year in its celebrations as this day fill the minds of musicians with enthusiasm.


Origin: On 21st June 1982, World Music Day was celebrated for the very first time in Fete de la Musique. At that time, thousands of people from France visited the venue to participate in the celebrations and afterwards this day got international day holiday rights.

World Music Day History and Themes
World Music Day History and Themes

 World Music Day Themes

Themes: Themes come with a motive to boost enthusiasm among people towards any particular event. The organizing parties fix a unique and interesting theme for every year to make the most of any event. Here are some World Music Day themes picked up from the previous years.


Theme 2019: “Music At The Intersections.”


Theme 2018: “Faites De La Musique”


Theme 2017: “Musicians Gather To Perform At A Public Place.”


Over and all, world music day is universal anniversary of musicians when they leave no stone unturned to embed stars on sky above the celebration venue.

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