World Music Day Campaigns and Celebration

By | July 29, 2019

World Music Day Campaigns and Celebration

In the eon of technology, where people are very much considerate about their work schedules, they are also seeking developments in the entertainment industry as well. Due to that, world music day is celebrated with full enthusiasm every year. People live it up with loads of offers and subscriptions in their mind. A lot of music websites make their subscriptions free of any charges. Along with that, some may collaborate their websites to the other service providers. Scroll down to pay an eye to the campaigns and celebrations of 2019.


  1. KFC introduced a digitally-prepared campaign in which they promoted the world music day through the Instagram based campaign. The campaign was uncovered to show the identity on 21st June 2019 for International Music Day celebrations.


  1. Not just this, RED FM celebrated the day with the launch of “Red Indies” to promote individual creative minds and mesmerising voices. They held the campaign to enhance the popularity of independent music across the whole globe.


  1. Along with this, MTV India created an ad campaign based on music which have assisted the world in comprehending the importance of music.
World Music Day Campaigns and Celebration

World Music Day Campaigns and Celebration

Above all, there are lots of brands and websites which promote World Music Day with full enthusiasm every year just to participate in the celebrations and make the most of that day. The chain of such websites and platforms include Google, Nokia, Ola, and many more. If you also own a huge business, then you must participate in the celebrations.

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