World Midwives Day

World Midwives Day : World Midwives Day is the day of celebrating the respectable and honored profession of midwives who are out there towards saving lives. The celebrations gives them confidence, a sense of motivation during the difficult times of childbirth which they are associated with. It is observed annually on May 5.

World Midwives Day

World Midwives Day
World Midwives Day

Importance of Midwives

  • Yes, midwives are the reasons why increasing numbers of women have ensured safe birth without compromising on the aspect of health in any manner.
  • They give an awesome excuse for increasing smiles both for a woman and her newborn where the happy and jubilant association can’t be expressed or addressed in mere words for sure.
  • They not only offer the reason for saving lives, but also create wonderful moments for new mothers to thank and honor them for changing their lives through a safe manner.
  • They uphold the rights of women by ensuring a safe and positive birth.


There can’t be anyone else who is better able to signify and acknowledge this wonderful and awesome profession of midwives, than they themselves. Yes, they have been paving the way for a safe delivery mechanism by saving the lives of both mother and the child. Yes, the same voice has been echoed by The World Health Organization (WHO) which has estimated that 83 percent of various maternal deaths, newborn as well as stillbirths could have been averted, had the midwife care could have been taken in a fully packaged manner.

There have been few recommendations for policymakers in order to safeguard as well as protect newborn, women as well as midwives.

Midwives need care too

There is the need of safeguarding midwives through providing personal protective equipment for them where proper training should be imparted on the way it is used.

Midwives shouldn’t be deployed in areas where they find it difficult to practice by ensuring that they continue to get quality care.

Due to the nature of service associated with midwives, it is important that the funds allocated for maternal health services should be timely and proper. For the same reason, there shouldn’t be a dearth of funds. However, Covid-19 has a harrowing experience and has created a lot of stress to the health care system.

There has been an unfortunate factor where the allocated fund which was meant for the resources associated with midwives, has been redirected for supporting Covid-19 related needs.  The pandemic has in itself created a grave situation for the midwives as they expected an increase budget to support the families. However, the re-direction of fund resulted in harassment as well as gender discrimination which were reported by the midwife association.

How should we celebrate World Midwives Day?

On World Midwives Day, there should be proper mechanism to sensitize and empower the mid wives who play a pivotal role towards providing maternal health services. There is a need that they should also protect and safeguard their own health in the process.  Let’s everyone be sensitized and create a favorable and happy beginning for the newborn as well.

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