World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day : In the modern world, we are somewhere neglecting the importance of the planet Earth. To make people realize this, World Meteorological Day is a great gig to go. It is celebrated annually every 23rd of March for which the following explanation can be too handy for you to get the best knowledge.

World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day
World Meteorological Day

The history behind World Meteorological Day

 The world celebrates the international meteorological day every year with different and exciting themes that motivate people across the whole globe. It all began on 23rd March of 1950 when Convention on the World Meteorological Organisation became active.

It reflects the efforts of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services done for society’s wellbeing and safety. The whole world celebrates the day through several activities where topical weather, water, and climate-related issues are discussed in detail.

About World Meteorological Organisation 

The World Meteorological Organisation is a UN agency that has 193 members of states and territories. The foundation of the IMO that means International Meteorological Organisation was laid in 1870 to ease the informational exchange happening across the national boundaries. In 1950, the establishment of the World Meteorological Organisation was held after which it became UN specialized agencies in the next year.

In the next year, it got recognized as the specialized agency of the UN for operational hydrology, meteorology, and sciences related to physical geography. This organization contributes a lot to keep people safe and work for their welfare. It also works for the providence of food security, transportation, as well as water resources.

It does not merely promote partnership between state members but also makes the bond between various National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. In short, it plays a quintessential role in the protection of the environment along with its monitoring with the assistance of a plethora of programs.

2021 celebrations of World Meteorological Day

The 2021 theme of world meteorological day states “the ocean, our climate, and weather” which brings our focus to the connectivity of oceans, climates, and weathers. The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development has some missions that should be attained by 2030 for which 2021 is the beginning year. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop a deep understanding of Earth Systems. Typically, the day emphasizes the importance of the Earth’s atmosphere and the behavior of people towards it. Like the previous years, the day was celebrated with innovative ideas that can motivate people to be a supporting hand in sustainable development goals. A lot of activities and events were organized to uplift the ambitions.

To achieve the sustainable goals set by the UN, we all need to contribute at our ends. Ultimately, the Earth is the very basic and essential medium of our lives and it is our responsibility to protect it. So, we all must keep taking all possible actions needed to make the Earth a better place to live.

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