World Lupus Day

World Lupus Day : May 10 is celebrated as World Lupus Day every year. Lupus is the name which scares everyone to the core. However, the detrimental force inside doesn’t let it to overpower us. Even though people may have rashes and going out in the sun creates a problem. We even suffer fatigue, kidney and joint problems long with mouth sores, and the unfortunate part is that the problem aggravates further in the form of swelling on lymph nodes along with substantial loss of hair too. All these traits are awful based on the intensity of the disease.

World Lupus Day

World Lupus Day
World Lupus Day


World Lupus Day originated by Lupus Canada in 2004 with an aim to sensitize others about the disease as it potentially has devastating effect.

It was a collaborative effort where thirteen countries took part with an aim to pester their governments for increasing the funding so that proper research could be carried out and likewise better medical facilities can equally be imparted as well. Hence, the day has been celebrated annually.



World Lupus Day is held with an aim to sensitize masses about the extent of population it has taken in its stride. Yes, where whopping 5 million people across the world are suffering due to the same and a big chunk of people comprise in US alone numbering 1.5 million are facing the brunt.

The disease originates due to the phase where lupus causes immune system to become excessively overactive which creates antibodies that directly attack healthy tissue which results in causing pain along with inflammation. Currently, researches are underway to unearth the exact cure of the disease, as there isn’t any. Unfortunately, people are confused as they mistakenly believe it to be arthritis, which is less ‘serious disease’. Another bad part is that people continue to face the disease without even realizing for sufficiently long time until they are diagnosed with the same.

Hence, owing to wide misconceptions arising out of the little or no information about the disease, World Lupus Day was created where proper sensitization can be done, so that it arms people about the necessary measures for combating the disease.


Ways to celebrate the Day

Lupus Day marks the event where the main color of attraction becomes “purple”. Yes, this is the time when people can lend support by wearing ‘purple clothing’ or ‘wristbands’ where the phrase “Help us solve the cruel mystery’ can be engraved on it. Likewise, the online platform also offers you to do your duty as concerned citizens where you can go to their official website and sign the pledge that you are going to sensitize medical community and politicians about the plight of affected ones in order to sensitize them.

There are series of other online mechanisms as well where you can play your part. For example, replacing the Facebook profile with the logo of World Lupus Day becomes another step towards sensitization. The online reach seems to be the easiest and quick way of showcasing your consent for the sufferers. So, do your bit towards creating a scenario where there is hope and positivity and willingness to help one another.

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