World Labour Day History Background and Facts

World Labour Day History Background and Facts : Labor Day is the day of celebration by American workers. Observed on 1st May, it started in the 19th century as there was a big movement from laborers who raised their voices by holding rallies and strikes to give a befitting reply on the atrocities committed on them. In 1894, it became a federal holiday.

World Labour Day History Background and Facts

World Labour Day History Background and Facts
World Labour Day History Background and Facts

Reason of celebrating Labor Day

It is said that when atrocities become order of the day then the time comes when the affected are forced to raise their voice and this is how, through collective efforts, American workers were able to put an end to the months and years of oppression which was being done on them. Likewise, the same is regarded to be the reason for creating the Labor Day as it signifies the achievements of workers in what could be termed as the most unfortunate and dismal chapter in the history of American labor.

There was a time when during the Industrial Revolution until the 1800s in the United States, it was a normal practice for the average American to work 12 hours a day and seven days a week for carrying out their basic living. Even though few states had restrictions, yet the workers and even their children were forced to carry out the work where children as young as 5 or 6 were told to work in factories and mills who were supposed to earn just a fraction of what their older members were supposed to get in terms of the wages.

Workers were bound to work in unsafe conditions where there was no access to sanitary facilities and fresh air, thus posing direct risk to their lives.

This was the time, when laborers decided that it was enough for them and a labor union was constituted by the late 18th century which soon started gaining grounds due to the necessity of the event. Rallies and strikes became part of the normal routine which in fact compelled the employers to come to a meaningful term regarding what laborers wanted in terms of hours and pay.

Who was responsible towards creating Labor Day?

Since, unrest became the normal routine and Congress which wanted to create and establish friendly ties with American workers passed a law which was referred to as Labor Day. It came out as a legal holiday in the District of Columbia along with territories. The official implementation was soon done with President Grover Cleveland signing the law on 28th June, 1894. However, still it is unknown about the actual founder even more than a century has passed.

Labor Day celebrations

The celebration of Labor Day is done even today where people across the United States pass the time with picnics, parades, barbecues along with fireworks. These become a significant factor about how people still support the history and the exemplary work carried out before, which worked towards honoring and respecting this important day. The events which happen on Labor Day, create awareness about how collective efforts have brought a change in the past, as every single worker was united. Likewise, in the current era, the citizens as a whole needs to have collective approach.

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