World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day : Every organ in the human body plays a significant role in making our lives healthy and sound. The same implies to our kidneys as well. The medical authorities across the world felt the need to control kidney diseases. With the intent to promote the new strategies for the prevention of kidney diseases, we celebrate the second Thursday of every March as World Kidney Day. The theme, history, objectives, and other related facts of the day are discussed below.

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day
World Kidney Day

History of World Kidney Day

In 2006, the whole globe observed the first World Kidney Day that focused on the reduction of kidney diseases and other problems related to kidneys. It is such a campaign that is inclined towards the need to make people healthy and especially the safety of kidneys of people. Firstly, the day got celebrated in 66 countries worldwide but after two years, the number increased to become 88.

Aims behind the World Kidney Day

There are various reasons behind the celebration of World Kidney Day some of which are as follows.

  • To aware people of the need to care about kidneys.
  • To spread information among people that high blood pressure and diabetes play a significant role in causing chronic kidney diseases.
  • To make preventive measures a priority of people.
  • To support the populace for systematic screening of people affected with hypertension and diabetes.
  • To aware people of the need for a healthy lifestyle.
  • To ensure that kidney patients are not deprived of the primary health services like putting control over BP issues, cholesterol along with providence of required medicines.
  • To let people, know about the need to break socioeconomic barriers that hinder the accessibility of comprehensive services responsible for kidney care.
  • To spread the word about the need for transparent policies that can make the advanced health care services accessible for all with efficient financial protection policies.

The theme of World Kidney Day 2020

The themes of world kidney day keep on changing every year where the intent to celebrate the day with full enthusiasm and fulfill the purpose. The 2020 theme for the day was “Kidney Health for everyone and everywhere” which depicts the necessity of ensuring that everyone gets access to healthcare services required for making the kidneys of people healthy.

Celebrations of World Kidney Day

Every nation and every region has its ways to celebrate world kidney day but the international level events are celebrated in the following ways.

  • International organizations conduct health care camps to urge people to pay keen attention to the health of their kidneys.
  • Also, a lot of events include jogging, cycling, walking, and other such activities that promote healthy living.
  • The bloggers and other social media handling platforms spread the news about kidney diseases.
  • At various companies and educational institutions, the students and employees are encouraged about the need to make healthcare services available for all for which we all can lend a hand to needy people.

In short, one must stick to the fact that the right lifestyle can surely help us in winning over chronic kidney diseases therefore we all need to limit consumption of harmful things and adopt a healthy way of living.

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