World Heritage Day |History|

World Heritage Day |History|: April 18 is marked as the World Heritage Day which focuses towards promoting and preserving cultural heritage of various monuments present in the world. Overall, a collective effort is needed for protection, conservation as well as to draw attention towards them.

It is equally the awareness which matters towards protecting the diversity as well as cultural heritage for our future generations, so that they continue to see these antique pieces of sculpture and art in their full glory.

World Heritage Day |History|

World Heritage Day
World Heritage Day

Before moving further, let me ask you

  • Don’t we feel proud of the ancient monuments in our cities?
  • Aren’t we the first person to take our out-stationed friends to visit these culturally rich sites?

Yes, most probably we do. As they carry the cultural legacy and offer the most obvious and enlightening pieces of art which are the reflections of the city and country we dwell in.

Let these ancient buildings and monuments continue to serve our country by bringing revenue through tourists and thus create new found measures of employment.


World Heritage Day: History

World Heritage Day is the day which sensitizes the masses about the need to safeguard and preserve human heritage and to feel obliged about the commendable efforts of organizations which are directly working for such a noble cause.

The announcement of 18th April as the World Heritage Day was done by The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in the year 1982.

Based on the proposal, the General Assembly of UNESCO took the least time and in 1983 it approved it.

The basic aim and objective of creating the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) is as follows:-

  • To pass on the knowledge from generation to generation
  • To create a detailed understanding about the importance and exchange of knowledge between generations for promotion of ICOMOS ethos. This sensitizes the youth and help to conserve and protect cultural heritage


Youth Leadership

It is said that Youth comprise a sizable proportion of the country. Hence, in order to cache the immense potential, there are dedicated professionals in every country who organize events with the sole aim of reaching out to the masses, especially the youth. This is possible through using the popularity of social media which offers the basis of attraction.

This communication process creates an awesome level of exchange process with them. For example, the professionals with the oozing level of information directly helps to instill a sense of togetherness and create a personal level of interaction by arming the youth with the detailed knowledge about architectural beauties.

Hence, the World Heritage Day offers a platform and opportunity to directly instill a sense of responsibility amongst the same about the need of safeguarding, conserving as well as preserving the rich cultural heritage. The day also marks the times when conferences become the most obvious and happening factor and so do the poster sessions, training sessions along with round table discussions. These activities become the pillar for the general public towards knowing various surprising facts, figures along with a great knowledge about the monuments which they have been either visiting or referring to online or through books.

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