World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes

By | September 30, 2018

World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes:-

World Heart day is celebrated with pride on 29th September every year. This is the right day when we can wish our near dears a very happy world heart day to give them a bundle of happiness, positiveness, proud, endless willpower, Improvement, strength, cheerfulness. Here in this we will go through a brief history , themes  , messages and wishes which will help you a lot in getting a whole overview.

World Heart Day

Every year 29th September is recognized as World heart day. With the modifications in every field, people are suffering from lots of diseases especially the cardiovascular. The reason behind the increasing number in heart patients is unawareness about the same. The world’s biggest platform World Heart Federation cares for the people’s wellness and also about their knowledge of heart diseases. In actual, it is an undeniable truth that heart is main functional body part of our body. Delicate care of heart is very much quintessential to be there by every individual to lower the risk of anything which attacks our body’s immune system.

Mainly, the World Heart Federation wants all of us to make a promise to ourselves and also to the people who spend most of their times around us. The promise is that we will not follow the traditions of sitting idle, and we will prohibit smoking for sure. Along with this, it also includes the healthy diet plans, which must be needed to replace from the garbage food or in our language junk food.

To imply the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Plan, we need to rely on the policies so that we can get rid of cardiac attacks. On 29th September of every year, World Heart Federation organizes functions to get the gathering so that they can spread the awareness among most of the people across the globe. Right from an ordinary person to medical practitioners, everyone must understand the importance of this day so that 30 percent of deaths can be controlled which happen only because of these type of diseases.

Now, the question arises that understanding the importance of heart do not need some celebrations or functions as it can come with awareness. But, it is also a matter of the fact that the realization of something can happen only when we go through the facts. Thus, the main motive or objective of heart day is engaging the people towards the improvement of global heart health. Along with this, WHO is also targeting to reduce the mortality rate by 2025. Their motive can also be accomplished by organizing a program for World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes

World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes

World Heart Day Themes

The theme of World Heart Day 2018 is based on the same dedication which is must to be paid towards the cardiovascular diseases, which is. The theme is “My Heart, Your Heart” which speaks a lot about itself. It is a salute to all the professional cardiovascular doctors who are keeping care of our hearts to let the palpitations going forward without hindrances.

Every year a World Heart Day comes with new theme. Let us go through world heart day themes year by  year :-

  • 2018 = “My Heart, Your Heart
  • 2017 = “share the power”
  • 2016 = “Light Your Heart, Empower Your Life”.
  • 2015 = “creating heart-healthy environments”.
  • 2014 = “Heart Choices NOT Hard Choices”.
  • 2013 = “Take the road to a healthy heart”.
  • 2012 = “One World, One Heart, One Home”.
  • 2011= “One World, One Heart, One Home”.
  • 2010 = “I Work with Heart”.
  • 2009 = “I Work with Heart”.
  • 2008 = “Know your Risk”.
  • 2007 = “Team Up for Healthy Hearts!”.
  • 2006 = “How Young is Your Heart?”
  • 2005 = “Healthy Weight, Healthy Shape”.
  • 2004 = “Children, Adolescents and Heart Disease”
  • 2003 = “Women, Heart Disease and Stroke”.
  • 2002 = “What Shape are you in?”.
  • 2001 = “A Heart for Life”.
  • 2000 = “I Love my Heart: Let it beat!”.
World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes

World Heart Day Theme

 World Heart Day quotes:-

Here are some quotes which will help you a lot in quoting your ideas into quotes. Below  are some quotes which you can share on your social media handles.

  • On the hearty occasion of heart day, choose healthy diet plans for you and take care of your heart by heart.
  • It might be true that God has planned your death, but try not to give him one more reason by damaging your heart with unhealthy practices.
  • Keep your heart young and merry as life without happiness is like a garden without flowers, a day without sun or the night without a moon.
  • You cannot use all of your sense organs to feel the love or affection; it is only heart which can make you sense the pure feel.
  • Love others and be loved, this is the function for which heart is assigned so let the heart do so. Do not drag the heart into the field full of hatred.
  • Right from the child’s birth to death, the heart does not stop palpitating. Thus, we must keep the beats smooth.
  • Gum diseases are also responsible for the enhancement of risks through which heart may suffer. So, keeping your teeth clean can be your first step towards a healthy
  • A small breaking in the heart can lead to some serious damage, especially when you have a heartbreak from your loved one.
  • The energy your heart creates every day is equivalent to driving a truck for 32 kilometers which is tantamount to driving to the moon and coming back in a lifetime.
  • The death of your loved one causes a sudden increase in the release of stress hormones into the streams of blood. This becomes the reason of temporary shocks of the heart which are hazardous for health.
  • Enjoying every small happiness and success is all about preserving your heart from the cardiovascular diseases to opt for a healthy lifestyle.
World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes

World Heart Day Quotes

World Heart Day messages and wishes:-

Here are some messages and wishes which will help you a lot in compressing your thoughts into messages and wishes.  Have a look at the messages and wishes that you can send to your friends on world Heart Day.

  • Do not break any heart on the very charming day, World Heart Day. It would be a real justice to the people who care about us. Happy World Heart Day.
  • As a good face shows recommendation, likewise a good heart points towards the credits. Take care of your and others’ heart and celebrate the day. Happy World Heart Day
  • Dear Friend, your soul is connected to that of mine. On this special occasion, I wish the wellness of your heart. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Hey, If you want to grab a place in my heart, then please show me the beautiful inner side of your heart being mine well-wisher. May this Heart day brings lots of happiness for you.
  • I wish this heart day to be your best where you can get all your dreams accomplished without any hindrances.
  • Only saying Happy Heart day will not be enough for you, my sweetheart, so, I am sending you my heart, please secure it and reimburse by exchanging yours with mine.
  • Dear parents, I would like to confess that your place in my heart is very secured. So, you need to bother as nobody is there to replace you.
  • Oh, my friend, you will be glad to know that you are the person to whom I have given utmost priority in my life. Happy Heart Day.
World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes

World Heart Day messages and wishes

With the help of these quotes, messages, and wishes, you can express your feelings about the World Heart Day to your near and dear ones. So, be aware of the heart’s importance and live a healthy life for the sake of your heart.

I hope this article “World Heart Day Theme Quotes Messages Wishes” would have helped you a lot . If anybody liked this kindly share it with your friends, brother, sister, cousin, teacher, parents, uncle, relatives so that they too get an idea about happy world heart  day. I wish everyone a very happy world heart day.



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