World Frog Day

World Frog Day : Whenever the name frog strikes the mind, the croaking sound and bulging eyes gather the most attention. Regardless of all the icky thoughts, we make about the frogs, we must admit that these tiny creatures surely assist us a lot in maintaining the integrity of the whole ecology. To praise the efforts of these amphibians we celebrate world frog day on 20th March every year. If you want to know more fun facts about them then you must pay a glance at the following information.

World Frog Day

World Frog Day
World Frog Day

History of the world frog day

In 2009, the whole globe celebrated world frog day for the very first time. The day came into existence to promote the protection of frogs. Also, the purpose of these celebrations was to raise awareness about a plethora of existing frog species. Since then, we celebrate 20th March every year to remember the efforts of these tailless creatures that they do to make our lives better to some extent.

Fun facts about frogs

The real significance of frog day is to make people know better about them and their lives. To make the understanding bit vivid, here are the following facts that you must know about frogs. The facts are not merely interesting but have a fun factor too.

  • People might have been familiar with yellow or green frogs that come to every monsoon but one must know that there are a plethora of different frog species that vary from red to dark blue. The vibrant colours make them a unique amphibian out of the long list.
  • Being one of the most diverse animals on land, there exist about 6000 species of frogs across the world.
  • Another interesting factor for a curious person to know is that frogs can jump 20 times their body length. A sharp-nosed frog bags the record to make the lengthiest jump of about 130 inches in a single leap. The frog is a South-African species that jumps 44 times its actual length.
  • Moreover, the frogs are cold-blooded animals who lack in maintaining adequate insulation levels. Due to this fact, they cannot keep their body warm efficiently. Thus, the frogs hibernate to adapt to the harsh climatic conditions and keep their bodies safe in any season or weather.
  • One might find this fact a lie, but some of the frog species are poisonous too. It’s hard to believe but it is reality as there is a species named golden poison flag that can kill almost 10 grown men.
  • Being amphibians, the frogs firstly take birth from the eggs like the water-based animals but their growth cycle runs on the land. Therefore, they can use the absorption process of drinking water through their skin.
  • Most importantly, the frogs feed on algae which means they work for the cleanliness of water to make that good for us.

All-in-all, frogs are present in large numbers and we should do all the possible efforts to make their existence a reality for as long as we can. Protecting the small creatures can be the best beginning to preserve the ecology. Happy world frog day to you.

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