WORLD EARTH DAY CELEBRATION AND ACTIVITIES : The world Earth Day is announced on 22nd April as the “International Mother Earth Day”. In 1970, it was first celebrated and also the event attended by 20 Million people. It is decided to celebrate this day when an oil spill on the coast of California on January 28, 1969 which killed thousands of marine animals and then the senator Gaylord Nelson to take action. Later, he held his first tech on 22nd April 1969 and managed a forum to discuss the issue of environment and the human impacts on it.


World Earth Day Celebration and Activities
World Earth Day Celebration and Activities

In 1970, Earth Day attained a rare political alignment, engaged support from Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, city slickers and farmers, tycoons as well as labor leaders. The first earth day celebrations took place in two thousand colleges and universities as well as ten thousand primary and secondary schools.

Later, in 1992 the UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development) was held in Rio de Jenerio, Brazil from 3rd to 14th June and in the conference they adopted the agenda of Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and principles for the sustainable management of forests by 178 countries. Furthermore, the United Nations General Assembly declared 2008 as the “International Year of Planet Earth” in 2005. On that day they promote education of earth sciences, acknowledging its importance in sustainable use of natural resources and the importance for sustainable development.

World Earth Day Celebration and Activities
World Earth Day themes

The following are the World Earth Day themes : –

2019 – “Protect Our Species”.

2018 – “End Plastic Pollution”.

2017 – “Environmental and Climate Literacy”.

2016 – “Trees For the Earth”

2015 – “It’s our turn to lead”.

2014 – “Green Cities”.

2013 – “The Face of Climate Change”.

2012 – “Mobilize the Earth”.

2011 – “Clear The Air”.

2010 – “A Global Referendum on Climate Change”.

2009 – “How Do You Get Around”.

2008 – “Trees Please”.

2007 – “Be kind to the earth – starting from saving resources”.

World Earth Day Celebration and Activities


There are various world Earth Day fun activities for the kids that help to have a positive impact on the planet. Here are some hunt activities which can be performed by college and school students from recycled art projects to farming simulations:

  • Reuse and Recycle the waste paper, old jars, and cans and find other uses for things that you no longer use and also avoid packaged items and buy as little as possible.
  • Clean your surroundings and roads.
  • Also participate in earth day fair assembled by local government, or local neighborhood and school. It includes many events such as demonstration of benefits of locally grown food products, sale of recycled products, children singing songs related to environment etc.
  • Create nutrients for the plants in your garden and also learn how composting keeps useful, organic waste out of landfills.
  • Search the ideas to conserve water, energy, soil, natural resources and also find out alternative ways to save our environment.
  • Create awareness by writing earth day messages on grocery bags.
  • You can wear green clothes and also make environment friendly.
  • Plant tree which is the best way to celebrate Earth Day that also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the amount of oxygen, controls pollution, prevents soil erosion etc.

Paint the earth, walls and also draw charts on the earth day to aware the people about the earth day.

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