World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day : 21st March is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day Every year. In world like today, everything has become too artificial that people are nowadays very much dependent on machines rather than themselves. It leads to the origin of various diseases among which down syndrome is also the one that happens because of the third copy chromosome present in some individuals. To aware people of its causes and cures, we celebrate down syndrome day for which the explanation is as follows.

World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day
World Down Syndrome Day

What does it mean by down syndrome?

Trisomy is another name for the down syndrome that is a genetic disorder. The vital cause of this disorder is the presence of a third copy chromosome. In brief, the nucleus contains 23 pairs of chromosomes which are inherited from parents and particularly, half from father and half from mother. Down syndrome happens when the nucleus has a partial extra duplicate chromosome. It is usually related to physical development delays, small head, short neck, palpebral fissures, poor muscle tone, intellectual disability, short height, and characteristic facial features.

The history behind World Down Syndrome Day

Down Syndrome is a naturally happening chromosomal arrangement that has always been a cause of disorder in human conditions like socio-economic lines present across phylogenetic. It generally affects women more as compared to men. According to the UN, it affects 1 across every 800 births worldwide.

Since 2006, Down Syndrome organizations have been organizing numerous activities for this day. Due to this, the United Nations also decided to make it an official appearance in November 2011. Leading to that, this event finally got recognized in 2012. Since then, it includes inviting businesses and governments to take part in World Down Syndrome Day.

What Do People Do?

World Syndrome Day is celebrated in more than 60 countries universally. Many organizations and communities including UN and DSI (Down Syndrome international ) promote this day to raise people’s understanding and awareness about this disorder.

On the day, people take part in various plays and showcase the accomplishments and abilities of people affected by the down-syndrome. These plays and events attract attention to self-advocacy, encouraging independence and freedom of choice for people who fight with this syndrome.

On world syndrome day, people do one more thing which is very interesting that they wear odd socks. With this, they depict that no one is different however every person has their specialties due to which we should treat all people like same whether he is normal or abnormal. The reason is that we all are an essential part of our earth that makes us equal while being unique at the same time. Apart from this, masses wear bands and ribbons on their wrists which vary in color, but all ribbons and bands contain messages or words about down Syndrome.

The World Down Syndrome does not merely promote us to behave nicely with people affected with down syndrome but also encourages us to see everyone with the same eye. You might be different by your habits, nature, features, or physical appearance but after all, we are human beings and therefore we must promote equality.

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