World Day for Safety and Health at Work |History Awareness Duties|

World Day for Safety and Health at Work : Celebrated  28th April Every Year.

A worker is regarded to be the backbone of the organization. Any organization ceases to flourish if the rights of the workers aren’t timely addressed which creates a sense of disharmony and often leads to slackness in work. Therefore, with an aim to protect their rights and create a healthy work culture, World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated on 28th April. This is done to bring the International focus on the magnitude of problems being faced by workers which leads to their injuries or deaths. Unfortunately, as it is unchecked; it amounts to staggering millions of deaths worldwide annually. This is how ILO understood the gravity of the situation where they in 2003, began to observe this day world over. This big day is observed with an aim to promote a positive, healthy and favorable work culture.

The area of concern remains where thousands of workers due to substandard conditions have got serious health issues. It is true that the cost of human lives falls on the poor, as the families have to face dual adversities that is the loss of life of their loved ones and also the economic hardships which they are supposed to face thereafter, as the deceased is often the only bread earner of the family.

In order to counter the effect of the same, there was a sustainable development agenda 2030, which the United Nations adopted on 25th September, 2015 with an aim to check the rising levels of poverty across the world so, as to bring harmony amongst one and all.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work |History Awareness Duties|

World Day for Safety and Health at Work
World Day for Safety and Health at Work

ILO creates awareness

The International Labor Organization popularly referred as ILO works towards raising awareness through campaigns by bringing the attention of the globe on the current state of workers with regards to ensuring health and safety for them.

The day is a part of collective efforts where several organizations in the form of UN, ILO, government bodies etc come together on a platform for ensuring safety and health at the workers right at the place they spend a big part of their lives as a whole. Considering the increasing participation of different bodies and organizations, it takes the form of an international campaign and various events are held.

The responsible leaders of communities along with representatives of organizations sensitize the masses about safety measures along with the necessity of keeping top notch health of the workers. It is understandable that concrete steps were long awaited, as these are the same workers who are behind creating new cities, strengthening the economy and consolidating the finances, world over.

Our duties

As common masses, we can do our bit towards sensitizing others about how rigorously these workers need safety and health aspects addressed as they often risk their lives.

The day marks a significant chapter in the year where concerned organizations who employ workers know about how sensitised workers have become as of now as they now know their rights.

Let’s celebrate and sensitize workers so that no family has to bear the loss, due to the workers getting injured or losing life.

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