World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day : The fundamental rights and needs are all that gather the attention of most of us where we keep on neglecting the consumer rights to a certain level. However, we get exploited as a consumer the most especially when we show negligence towards the same. To spread awareness about the very essential consumer rights, 15th March of every year is celebrated as the world consumer rights day as it majorly focuses on the needs of consumers of anything whether it is as small as a needle or as large as a TV or whatever it is. Market abuse and social injustice are the major issues that consumers face in their daily lives. Therefore, we need to ensure the maximum protection of the legal rights of every consumer. To know more about world consumer rights day, you can refer to the following guide.

World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day
World Consumer Rights Day

History of International Consumer Rights Day

The credit of coinage of the consumer rights day goes to President John F Kennedy who brought the idea of this celebration to the world. In the year 1962, 15th March was the day when President JF Kennedy conveyed the idea to the US Congress where he sent the message to address the issue of consumer rights formally. He was the first person in the world and the great leader to do such a responsible act.

Afterwards, the UN showed its approval on the consumer protection guidelines in general on 9th April of 1985. However, the first celebration of the day was marked earlier than that in the year 1983. Since 1983, the annual celebrations of World Consumer Rights Day occur on 15th March. It keeps us reminding the efforts of JF Kennedy that he made to aware of us and make us the responsible and attentive consumer.

Why is it important to celebrate World Consumer Rights Day?

The World Consumer Rights Day is an annual occasion that brings the attention of the populace towards consumer rights. This day puts a halt on the social injustice and promotes a lot of people to do the same in their daily lives to protect the interests of the consumers and stop exploiting them in the name of business strategies. Every country has a different definition for their consumer rights list.

Let’s pay an eye to the consumer rights list of India passed by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.

  1. Right to be safe
  2. Right to get informed
  3. Right to make choices
  4. Right to be heard
  5. Right to pursue redress
  6. Right to get consumer education

The above list of the subsection rights under the consumer right protection act depicts that every citizen of India has right to shop according to their will after analysing all the facts and information about the goods in a precise manner. In India, National Consumer Rights day is celebrated on 24th December every year apart from the World Consumer Rights Day.

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