World Computer Literacy Day

World Computer Literacy Day :

In today’s era of technology, the use of computers has become very significant in every field like Schools, colleges, hospitals, and government offices. Computers have replaced the work of humans undoubtedly in every single task. Also, it has become very vital for everyone to learn the usage of computers. All age groups should efficiently know the running of computers to complete their daily routine works to make their lives easier.

World Computer Literacy Day

World Computer Literacy Day History Importance and Celebration Ideas
World Computer Literacy Day History Importance and Celebration Ideas



World literacy day is celebrated on 2nd December every year. The celebration of this day was first marked by Indian computer company NIIT to mark its 20th anniversary in 2001. It is a day that plans to expand the familiarity of people with computers and gadgets related to computers effectively. In other words, the celebration of this day aims to create awareness and drive digital literacy in under-served communities worldwide. It was also directed at improving the teaching of information technology and more generally “celebration of computers”.




  1. The celebration of this day promotes the technological skills, for all the age groups. Every individual must be aware of all the fundamental information and data about the usage of computers.


  1. Many people even today are not aware of the advancement of technology and the need for computers even for daily works in this digitalized world. So, The celebration of this day reduces the digital division among people.


  1. Majority of the communities are still lacking access to computers because of several factors. World Computer Literacy Day provides Digital access to disadvantaged communities.


  1. World Computer Literacy Day promotes digital awareness among all the communities, age groups, and regions to make life easier for people.




World computer literacy day can be celebrated in several innovative ways so that more people can be made aware of it.


Some of them are as follows:


  1. Social media can be used as a platform to make people aware of the importance of computers by advertising.
  2. Events can be organized where various competitions can be held related to computer games, programs, etc. so that more and more people can be involved in it.
  3. Schools can collaborate with IT companies to organize special seminars, lectures, or workshops for students to make them aware of the importance of this day.
  4. For IT departments of the colleges or schools, special recognition can be awarded to the people who have achieved something in this field so that more and more people can be encouraged.
  5. Special one day training programs can be organized for old age groups where they can easily learn the access to computers and gadgets related to it so that they don’t have to be dependable on anyone.


With the utilization of this day as an incredible opportunity, you can educate the illiterate people about the uses of computer. It will not only make their life easier but also lead to stepping up the rungs of ladder of success certainly. Make the best use of your knowledge and do good for someone.


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