World Cancer Awareness Day

World Cancer Awareness Day : World cancer day is celebrated  all over the world on 4th of February every year. The word which is difficult to utter well now I am going to speck some valuable points from the bottom of my heart.

This day is marked to give awareness and knowledge to people about the simple causes of cancer which are so simple that is simply ignored by everyone.

The basic cause lies within the kitchen and house.

World Cancer Awareness Day Facts and Significance

The reason kitchen is major cause. It is the kitchen which allows it to start.If every person had this knowledge than the world might not have been standing at this stage. Always allow that thing in kitchen which is pure and nurtured in natural way. From now the day one just stop having and purchasing plastic containers, the eatables with preservatives, industry made ready to eat food with preservatives, stop using non stick utensils, stop multiple reheating of already cooked food in microwave. Try to have your own dairy pet at home or society. Always try to live in natural environment rather than living and getting dependent  on made made assets.

Nature is so beautiful and caring that it has given environment favorable  eatables to every region. Always try to use maximum that thing which grows in that area in which you are living because nature has grown it which properly suits the environment of that area. I hope you may have got my idea which i want  to express.

World Cancer Awareness Day

World Cancer Awareness Day
World Cancer Awareness Day

I hope this problem will soon get eradicated with your dedication and blessings of god.

I am very shamed and sorry to say that this is the condition which is basically in that country where government is corrupt and fails to manage health and sanitation. One more thing which will help you stay healthy till multiple generations is don’t ever vote for those who in any form show the killing of humanity.

Keep smiling.

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