World Book and Copyright Day |Facts & Celebration|

World Book and Copyright Day : World Book and Copyright Day (April 23rd each year) is an important occasion which speaks volumes about the most obvious product through which we have grown up reading and learning from the same. Yes, it is the book. This specific day is organized by UNESCO along with other sister organizations. It is done to celebrate the utility imparted by books along with the reading materials across the world.

World Book and Copyright Day

World Book and Copyright Day
World Book and Copyright Day

There can’t be a better day than to take this occasion towards promoting books and the pleasure and excitement associated with reading interesting material associated with the same.

The Day is observed all around the world on April 23rd each year. The occasion also significantly weighs the immense contribution which lay down by the authors and writers in taking the social and cultural progress top notch higher. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) organizes the event. Every year a new city is chosen by them along with various other international organizations which act as a World Book Capital for a period of 1 year effective from April 23rd till the new city is chosen for the same date next year.

This is a day which is celebrated in different parts of the world with an aim to know and understand the magic associated with the power of books. These offer the medium which bridges the past with the future and create a sense of attachment and togetherness from generation to generation along with cultures.


How April 23rd was chosen as the date


23rd April has become a natural and obvious choice considering various prominent and renowned authors of the globe namely William Shakespeare, Miguel Cervantes etc who have died on this day. In the UNESCO’s General Conference held in Paris, in the year 1995, World Book and Copyright Day was decided as the way to pay tribute to authors.

This is also the day with an aim to show encouragement for people to refer to books in their daily lives. Since, this by far has become one of the most beautiful inventions for knowledge sharing and creating a life of confidence and joy. It goes beyond the boundaries of humanity as reading also enlightens people to stand on their legs and becomes a powerful tool for the eradication of poverty while maintaining peace too.

The day is significantly important as it is crossing far reaching boundaries in over 100 countries where schools, voluntary organizations, professional groups, public bodies etc have been directly showing interest and benefitting from the same. It has created opportunities for a significant number of people in various continents along with different cultural backgrounds to discover great effects of knowledge sharing and values which the book holds. They also act as the tool for dialogues and showcase the interesting aspect of diversity and culture as well give us an in-depth view about the insights of copyrighted sources of creative writers and authors.

All of the same couldn’t be possible without the various promotional events as well as initiatives which have been carried out for creating a positive impact.

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