World Blood Donor Day History

World Blood Donor Day History

On 14th June of 1868, Karl Landsteiner was born whose birth anniversary has been celebrated as the World Blood Donor Day. Almost every country celebrate this day to spread awareness among the people regarding blood donation. Not only this, but the safety and precautions are also important to be considered during the donation procedures.

World Blood Donor Day History
World Blood Donor Day History


Initially, World Blood Donor Day was celebrated in the year 2004 with the efforts of the WHO (World Health Organisation). WHO is the international federation of Red Cross societies as well as Red Crescent societies.

When it comes to the establishment of this day, it happened in 2005 in the presence of 192 Member States. The day was special in itself as well because that was the 58th World Health Assembly held on May 2005. The prime motive behind the establishment was to bring motivation to give applauds and show gratitude to the blood donors.

To commemorate the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the whole world participate in the functions of World Blood Donor Day. The reason behind it is that Karl was a very ambitious and great personality who invented the ABO blood group system.

The scientist has made it possible for the people to recognize the difference between the various blood groups. With this invention, we can play a safe game of donation as we have a clue about blood donating procedures, and we know the risks of donating A group blood to the person owing B blood group.

Over and all, donations are appreciable, but we cannot neglect the importance of safe donations as we can put one in danger while trying to save him. Therefore, the whole populace celebrates 14th June as the World Blood Donors Day so that everyone can become aware of the safety and precautions of blood donations procedures.

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