World Blood Donor Day Essay

World Blood Donor Day Essay

In the era of technology, the chances of people being stressed and living an unhealthy life are increasing. The main reason behind it is the heavy toil of their office works, polluted environment, or mismanaged schedules. Keeping these things in mind, a person can accomplish a healthy mind only if he or she has healthy blood running through their veins.

In simple terms, the nature of our blood plays quite an important role in ensuring the state of our health. Therefore, WHO organizes World Blood Donor day to enhance the knowledge of people about the importance of blood transfusion. Along with this, WHO activities and campaigns also assist the people in grabbing the knowledge about the safe practicing of donations so that one does not end up putting the receiver’s health or life on stake.

Sometimes, doctors use the infected needle to receive the blood from the donor. In such cases, there are a lot of chances of the infection to occur in the blood of the receiver. Therefore, World health ministries conduct awareness programs on World Blood Donor Day. Another motive is to gather several blood donors who can donate their blood regularly so that blood banks can help the needy on time.

Most of the people need blood when they go through an accident or any surgery because people tend to lose a huge amount of blood during such situations. Along with this, the pregnant ladies also need blood. Therefore, if a person donates blood, then he or she can save a lot of lives by providing the blood to the needy one.

Over and all, the blood donor’s day plays a very vital role in saving the lives of a lot of people. Thus, every individual must donate their blood regularly and encourage their near and dear ones to do the same.

World Blood Donor Day Essay
World Blood Donor Day Essay

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