World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day : Observed on 1st Tuesday of May every year, World Asthma Day signifies how important it is to make others aware about asthma where proper sensitization and care can minimize the sufferings. Considering the wide scale of asthmatic patients across the world, the Global Initiative for Asthma organizes and observes the day. The main aim is to gather awareness so that people can be sensitized and get aware right from the start.

Considering the increasing numbers of patients who have been facing the problems, there was naturally a need to observe a day and the first one was observed in the year 1998.

World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day
World Asthma Day

What is asthma?

It is a disease which is there for a long term and primarily affects the lungs.

Cause of Asthma

Asthma is the result of inflammation, reported in the airways which creates a narrow passage, thus creating a phase where breathing becomes extremely difficult. Yes, the results of the same can be where the person experiences coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing.

The best way of controlling Asthma is to check on the symptoms so that the patient can ensure normalcy in life. The patient also reports chest pain and many of you would have noticed about the constant coughing which they experience, all these constitute towards the symptoms.


There is a disturbing phase to it as well, where asthma attacks can happen which aggravates, if the patient is experiencing respiratory illness.


There are more than 35 countries where the day is observed. Since people are getting aware, so naturally the phase of sensitization has become increasingly high over the years where educational programs arm others about the need to have related information.


If you are allergic then you should know that “Prevention is better than cure”. Make sure that you safeguard yourself from situations which enhance your allergic reactions

Smoking aggravates the issues arising due to asthma, so don’t smoke as it will only worsen the situation while there is a possibility of asthma attacks too

There are certain triggers which enhance the problems associated with asthma and it is not very difficult to keep in mind as well. They range from air pollution, cold air, smoke, flu or fragrances.

How to celebrate Asthma Day

There is a theme which is provided every year to commemorate the day. There are materials which are provided online and one can download them to get a sense of what all the activities one should be adhering, on this important day.

For those families which have a member suffering from asthma, the event offers you the time to know more about it and share the piece of information with others in the world, so that it can help the needy.


There are roughly 235 million people who have been suffering from asthma in the global arena

Asthma is incurable, but controlling the symptoms can create a healthy phase where the person can live a sound life

There are certain children who may have milder forms of asthma, but there aren’t any symptoms which show. However, that can certainly return later on

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