World Architecture Day

By | September 27, 2019

World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day is celebrated on First Monday of October every year. World Architecture Day 2019 is going to be celebrated on 7th October.  Let us have some brief knowledge about World Architecture Day.

World Architecture Day  was created and first time celebrated in 2005 by Union International des Architects (UIA). Architecture Day is a day when we can give appreciation to the work of architects and give wishes for the great architectural works done. This is that profession which can transform a simple look into master piece. Architects hold the potential to mold our lives through their hard work.

Architecture also plays an vital role in future planning, sustainable growth and handling various problems of the Nation. To make this day memorable, various events are organized all over the world just to showcase the amazing work they did. Future plans are also discussed to encourage students adopt this amazing profession. Architecture is an Art more than a work.

We all know that every one can not be an architect as they have other choices, but i would say, those who do not work within the field of architecture, must fetch few a moments out of your day to give a word of appreciation to  architectural feats.

The main fact which is very important is honesty in the construction work. There is no advance of architecture work if the construction material used is not up to the mark. In the end i would say if we want to built a good and peaceful environment than every work either Government or Private must be done honestly and Sincerely.

World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day

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