World AIDS Day History and Background

World AIDS Day History and Background : On 1st December every year, we all celebrate World AIDS Day with the motive to fight against HIV across every corner of the world. With the celebrations of this day, we all show our love and support for those who are living with the hardships of HIV. There are almost 38 million people who are fighting with the virus globally. The number is still not decreasing at all but has been continuously developing therefore the act of spreading awareness among the populace becomes essential for which you all need to know what AIDS day is. Here comes the details of the history and background of this HIV.

World AIDS Day History and Background

World AIDS Day History and Background
World AIDS Day History and Background

World AIDS Day History

The identification of HIV was first done in the year 1984 and till now the virus has preyed on about 35 million people who lost their lives because of this virus. Being the most destructive pandemic across the whole world, it has always gathered the attention of medical researchers. The very first conceiving of the World AIDS Day was done by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter who used to be two public information officers of the Global Programme on AIDS at nowhere else but WHO in Geneva of Switzerland in August 1987. Finally, on the 1St December of 1988, the first-ever world health day was observed in the form of World AIDS Day. Since then, we have been celebrating World AIDS day to spread awareness across the whole global population so that nobody else can get affected by it anymore.

World Aids Day Background

Being recognized as one of the most important health days of the whole world, World AIDS Day is an opportunity for all of us to raise money, fight prejudice, and improve the levels of education by any means. It is the reason UN AIDS takes the charge of AIDS day campaigning on their shoulders to protect human beings from HIV by spreading awareness among them. Each year, the UN comes with a new slogan and new theme where the motto to combat the disease and prevent it before cure remains unchanged. The responsibility to select the theme of World AIDS day has always been given to the World AIDS Campaign’s Global Steering Committee since 2004. With the same zeal and enthusiasm, the world will keep celebrating the day to make us aware of the HIV impact until the disease ends breathing from every corner of the globe.

With the motive of awareness spreading, the multinational organizations, charitable authorities, medical and educational institutions think of brand new ideas every year so that the world can take a sigh of relief in the HIV-free environment. The human populace needs to understand that HIV has not stopped affecting the people yet, it is still playing with the lives of innocent people. Therefore, we all should promise ourselves to at least save one person from getting affecting with HIV to give the real meaning to World AIDS day in its true ways.


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