10 Little Things Women Do That Guys Secretly Love

It's one of the finest feels when a lady places her head on your chest and crosses her arm over you as you're lying on the couch watching TV or in bed after a long day.

She feels safe in our arms because, as males, we want to think that we are being protective. In fact, it's one of the most alluring things girls can do.

Guys are under a lot of pressure to always take the lead. He might not always be aware of when he is being overly aggressive or sending too many texts. You can be confused if he overthinks it and decides not to text you at all. It will benefit you both if you take the initiative.

Guys enjoy receiving affection, and if a guy is genuinely into you, he'll be thinking about you all the time. A simple text message will make his day better and start a worthwhile conversation.

Nothing wrong with some people being more affectionate than others. Just keep in mind that a man will never object to hearing how much you value him if he puts a lot of effort into your relationship (as he should).

Some guys need a more direct approach, even if he ought to be able to tell your feelings from the way you act. He will get an inside sense of warmth as a result.

It wasn't until my girlfriend improvised it one day that I realized how awesome this one was. Another appealing gesture girls make during a passionate kiss is lip biting.

Reach over and give his head a brief, light scratch if you're driving the shotgun.It will definitely make him happy.

Some girls take this way too far; I mean, way too far. However, if your partner does something thoughtful for you, it never hurts to mention it or take a picture of the spontaneous dinner he planned for you when you arrived home from work.

It will demonstrate to him that you value him and are ready to spread your love and admiration for him to everyone.