10 Little Cute Things Women Do That Guys Secretly Love

Women are the ones who are most aware that listening isn't merely a passive activity. It requires effort and is an action. Sometimes a guy is stressed out about work, has something important going on in his life, or is pursuing a goal.

When you sit down, maintain eye contact with him and engage him in a genuine discussion about a topic that matters to him. It will convey your concern to him.

I've heard some terrible tales of men who are ferociously jealous of their girlfriends or who refuse to "let" them go out with friends, particularly with other men. Although I can understand the fear, a man should have enough confidence in his relationship—and enough trust in his girlfriend—to stop worrying whenever she is out on her own. Text him occasionally throughout the night to say hello if you have a boyfriend who is old enough to urge you to go out and have fun. It will bring a smile to his face and let him know that even when you're away, you're still thinking about him.

Taking his hand as you're walking, hugging him in line at the grocery store, or linking your arm around his as you enter a party are all modest gestures that will make him feel close to you and show him that you're happy to be with him. You don't have to leap on him in front of others.

Surprising him with treats.

Men are comparatively simple to win over. We truly mean it when we say that. You may truly express how proud you are to have him in your life by doing something as easy as inviting him over with your friends.

We don't need much to be happy, and we genuinely enjoy making our lady feel special by doing things for her. Relationships, then, are a two-way street. Men benefit from verbal validation that makes them feel important and secure.

The good news is that making a man happy doesn't require extravagant romantic gestures. However, setting up a date night once in a while helps relieve some of the man's planning duties. Additionally, he will feel good about it.

You're sure to feel unique around a female who is paying attention to you. You might prepare him his preferred dinner or create a Spotify playlist of his music.

It's challenging to fall in love. There are many sweet and adorable ways to do things that males enjoy, but it requires a lot of work. Simply tuck a note into his pocket for him to find during the day, or while you're watching TV, kiss him on the cheek. He (and you) will grin as a result of these little things.