Victory Day 9th May

Victory Day 9th May : Victory Day, as the name indicates, is the day which commemorates the victory gained by Russia along with a few former Soviet Union republics.


When is Victory Day

 The significance of the Victory Day is related to the surrendering of Nazi Germany where Soviet forces gained access to take control of Berlin. This resulted in ending the Second World War in Europe. May 9 is the day which signifies the celebrations.

Victory Day 9th May

Victory Day 9th May
Victory Day 9th May

History of Victory Day

History will clearly remember the Second World War which happened to be the deadliest and gruesome conflict ever perceived by humans. As it resulted in the casualties numbering 50 to 85 million and a big percentage were the common people of USSR and China. The loss of human lives brings our heads in solidarity as 27 million people were killed in Soviet Union alone which constituted roughly 13% of the population during that era.

There are few countries in Western Europe that celebrate the day, on May 8. However, for Soviet Union, when the surrender of German military took place in the evening of May 8th, 1945, it was already quite late at night and it became May 9.


How people celebrate Victory Day

In order to remember the departed souls, there are military parades which grace the occasion. It was in the year 1965, May 9, exactly 20 years later, that the practice of military parade started. The day holds great significance as the decision was taken to make it a public holiday. There is also the traditional practice of laying wreaths at the war memorial site. In order to create a sense of awareness amongst the youth, special programs are organized in the schools which instill a sense of pride and the sacrifices which the freedom fighters have made. There are also wartime songs along with poetry which marks the occasion.

In order to carry on with the traditions and culture at home, families gather in circles around a festival table with the aim of honoring the surviving witnesses of World War II along with paying tribute to those who have passed away.

It seems that the country is soaked in the national spirit where broadcasters air films which are based on World War II. Since movies have become the most obvious reflection of the events like these. The audience watches them with the new-found interest, as they instill a sense of love and pride for the country. Rightly, as the love for the country supersedes every other aspect.

People become the proud witness to the military parade. Victory Day also showcases the fireworks at night. Such practices sensitizes the youth who grow up reading about their history as, besides increasing their  knowledge base, it also gives them reasons to remember the sacrifices which their forefathers have made. Similarly, they should equally stand for their country whenever the need or time arises. Importantly, the celebrations associated with such events instill a sense of pride which youth develops while they begin to know and grow their knowledge base.

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