Valentine Day History Background and Facts

Valentine Day History Background and Facts :

The day of lovers, Valentine’s Day is known among almost every teenager and adult because the lovers express their love on this day to their partners. The celebrations of the day are held on 14th February when the mingled lovers get loads of gifts and greetings from their lovers. The origin of Valentine’s Day happened during the Roman festival of Lupercalia that gets held in mid-February. Scroll down to know more about the romantic facts about Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Day History Background and Facts

Valentine Day History Background and Facts
Valentine Day History Background and Facts

History of Valentine Day

The Roman Festival of Lupercalia used to be celebrated with the upcoming of every spring along with fertility rites. At this festival, the women were used to pair with random men with the help of a lottery system. When the 5th Century was about to end, Pope Gelasius I did the replacement this day with Valentine’s Day. Since the 14th century, the day got recognition as a day of romance. Not merely this, but there are many other myths and stories behind the existence of this day.

Another story is about a Christian priest named Valentine who got martyred by the then king Claudius II Gothicus in about 270 CE. The legend says that the priest signed a letter for the jailor’s daughter titled “from your Valentine”. Typically, he healed the jailer’s daughter from blindness and got befriended with her. The accounts suggest that he was Valentine of Terni who used to be a bishop.

The third legend is about St. Valentine who defied the orders of the emperor and plays a vital role in the secret marriage of couples whose husbands were got spared from the war. It is the reason that this feast day got an association with love. Since then, love messages are exchanged everywhere across the world on Valentine’s Day.

Background of Valentine Day

In the 1500s, formal messages were used to send by the lovers to their loving partners. By the late 1700s, the trend got changed and commercially printed cards took the place. In the mid-1800s, the first commercial card for Valentines got printed in the United States. Birds are also symbolized with the day. Along with that, people send gifts, candies, flowers, and red roses to their partners to show their love towards them.

Facts about Valentine Day

  • Valentine’s Day is not merely about St. valentine but Cupid-the winged boy also plays a significant role in the celebrations. Cupid got printed on the Valentine cards and gifts as a symbol of love.
  • The tradition of exchanging boxes of chocolates got begun in the 19th Century and the credit to this beginning goes to Richard Cadbury who was a scion of a Chocolate manufacturing family.
  • The first valentine letter was written in a prison by Charles who was Duke of Orleans. He wrote the letter for his second wife at 21 years of age.
  • The love candies, lozenges were first made with the machine invented by Oliver Chase. The heart-shaped candies got named Necco Wafers at a later age.

With all this, valentine’s day got popular and known among almost every person across the world.

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