Universal Health Coverage Day History and Background

Universal Health Coverage Day History and Background : The well-being and health of a person is a vital factor that needs essential care. We all have the right to avail of the best health facilities when in need when we do not need to worry about the financial strength of our family. To get the better enhancement of this practice where everyone gets the health facilities at reasonable costs, we celebrate the Universal Health Coverage Day on 12th December annually. Scroll down to know every essential fact about universal health coverage day especially its history and background.

Universal Health Coverage Day History and Background

Universal Health Coverage Day History and Background
Universal Health Coverage Day History and Background

History of Universal Health Coverage Day

On 12th December in 2012, the general assembly of the UN handled the endorsement of a resolution where the main aim was to accelerate the progress towards health coverage globally. Later on, the UN passed a resolution in 2017 on the same date where the resolution numbered 72/138 stated that there will be an international celebration of the Universal Health Coverage Day on 12th December every year.

Also, the UHC quoted on their official website, “To promote physical health, mental health, and personal well-being, as well as to extend life expectancy for all, we must accomplish universal health coverage and access to quality health care. We should not leave anyone behind.”

Even the respected Secretary-General of none other than the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres said that the health coverage of the whole globe is the integrity of the UHC for which sustainable development goals are quite essential to be delivered. Our blueprint of the shining and better future states the same for the welfare of the planet and people. On this Universal Day, we all need to reaffirm the commitment to get the health facilities for all as an investment in prosperity, humanity, and well-being for everybody.

Background of Universal Health Coverage Day

The Universal Health Coverage Day ensures every person regardless of any caste, creed, or religion is getting the best health facilities without pondering about the financial hardships of their family. It is such a campaign that seeks to provide quality health services to all including treatment, palliative care, rehabilitation, and prevention of major diseases too. Not merely this, but it also focuses on the children’s health so that health does not become a hindrance to their studies.

Around 800 million people of the whole world spend 10 percent of their household incomes to avail health care services. However, 100 million people get pushed to extremely poor conditions financially. The reason behind it is the high payment to avail the health care services. In short, half of the world population does not get full coverage of essential facilities in the health sector.

With the same knowledge, the theme of UHC day is to keep Health for All: Protect everyone. With this, we aim to end the crisis and make the future of the whole populace healthier with enough investment in health systems.

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