United States National Maritime Day

United States National Maritime Day : United Nations National Maritime Day is celebrated on May 22nd. The day creates and holds a great deal of significance by equally giving the maritime industry due regard and value which they hold in the United States. It is true that sacrifices don’t go in vain. Likewise, the nation takes out a day of remembering America’s Merchant Marines for their exemplary and invaluable contribution.

United States National Maritime Day

United States National Maritime Day
United States National Maritime Day

The day also marks a special significance to the ships and seafarers who act as a backbone for the country and holds a prominent place in the history of the nation.


History and Significance

It is true that the significance of any day is based on its rich history. Similarly, the day celebrates the first steam-powered transoceanic voyage, namely Savannah, which started sailing from the port of Savannah, GA in 1819.

National Maritime Day has expanded itself to include the whole maritime industry along with the devoted individuals who have literally spent their whole life towards serving the country aboard a Merchant Marine ship.


Importance of US National Maritime Day

Mariners signify a national identity. No words can describe the bravery shown by those who risked their lives during violent sea voyages. The country’s strength lies with these workers who have stood out as a reckoning force to safeguard the nation at all times.


Marine acts as a bridge between military and civilians

The maritime industry is one of the oldest industries with a rich history. The Department of Transportation organizes a ceremony every year in Washington D.C while valuing the immense contribution of those who have dedicated their lives for the country.

The Merchant marine is always in the service of masses by transporting cargo as well as passengers between places through a series of vessels such as that of ferries, tugboats, towboats, charter boats etc. Based on the requirement of humanitarian assistance for carrying out the research projects, it dutifully ensures the same.


It celebrates the contribution of military personnel by highlighting their achievements further

The Merchant Marine plays an important role during times of war by ensuring that personnel and material reach the military. In short, the Merchant Marine gives the most profound reason for the military to function in all its glory, as without the same it wouldn’t have been possible.


Ways to celebrate US National Maritime Day

The day gives a chance to Americans for thanking the mariners who have been selflessly serving the nation with their dedication, experience, honesty and hard-work.

Be a part of a commemorative service. 

If you live in a close proximity to the sea, then you can easily be a part of a memorial service. You can enjoy the cool breeze while sensitizing yourself and others you bring yourself along. You can also interact with people who have served the country and be able to tour a ship as well.

Visit a museum

Museums give the most lively, enchanting and awesome experience about the enriching history. Likewise, you can visit the American Merchant Marine Museum in Kings Point, N.Y to empower yourself with the history of the Merchant Marine program along with the heritages of people living there.


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